Day 25 of Dress the rainbow and giveaway

We’re half way through the rainbow, folks and it’s getting awfully pretty! Have you joined in yet?! Day 25 of Dress the Rainbow in kelly green with Courtney Brown of Cents of Style. Here’s one girl who has her priorities straight and I’m a big fan of the empowerment she and her movement/company are encouraging among women.

Here’s how the story goes: She started this fashion accessories company in 2007 here in Utah after realizing that her love of fashion was more than just daily dress up fun. As a stay at home mom, she decided to focus some of energy on creating a place for women for women to find fun clothing at a fraction of the cost. It is now her belief that when you LOOK good who then FEEL good and then you have the power to DO good. Today, Cents of Style is a multi-million dollar company that employs 25 other women. How incredible is that?! I’m a big fan of anyone who provides opportunities for people (in this case women), to provide and empower. Call me a fan!

To celebrate Dress the Rainbow, Cents of Style is giving and AND a friend the opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree! That’s $1000 total!
Head on over to @HouseLarsBuilt on Instagram to enter!

See more pics below! And get the full look over at Cents of Style

Cents of Style Courtney BrownCOURTNEY
This post is sponsored by my friends at Cents of Style. Thank you to supporting the brands that keep Lars flourishing! 



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