Day 26 of Dress the rainbow

Dress the Rainbow with Sheryl Garner

Day 26 of Dress the Rainbow in foliage green with my good friend Sheryl Garner. Longtime readers might remember Sheryl from this past interview from a couple of years ago. Sheryl just moved to Utah from Washington, DC where she taught elementary school in inner city DC for a number of years. Though she has loved her time as a teacher and valued the challenges she’s experienced as a teacher, her real passion is social change, and more specifically, changing society through education and I have no doubt she will change the world through her passion and insight. Sheryl for President! I value Sheryl as a dear friend with an optimistic and hopeful perspective.

Join in on the #DressTheRainbow challenge by posting a pic on Instagram of yourself against a colored background. See the participants here!




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