How to wrap heirloom picture frames and free download wrapping paper


You know the type–the person who has everything they need and are impossible to shop for (my Secret Santa name this year, for example!). What do you do? One thing I like to do is to give a gift in the form of a framed picture. It’s meaningful, it’s something they don’t have, and you can never have too many framed pictures. It’s a trusty default.

I’ve partnered up with Preservation and Creation once again (remember the advent city and name tags?) to show you how to give to the person who has everything. And it’s perfect for last minute shoppers (guilty!). Find out below how you can get 30% off their prints!preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-3-preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-6preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-36

One way to add extra love into an heirloom gift is through the wrapping. As you all know by now, I believe a well-wrapped gift can add value and sentiment to the actual gift. We came up with a free printable wrapping paper that is worthy of being hung up on a wall too. It’s a couple of black and white Dutch baroque paintings that are absolute stunners! With a ribbon completing the look, it would be a fun discovery for the recipient on Christmas morning.

I’ve been married for 5 years and don’t have a single photo printed from my wedding (at least the one I did have was lost in our international move) and my sister hasn’t printed any either, so I decided to gift her a 16×20” canvas framed print for Christmas. She and her husband just moved to Los Angeles so it will be a nice addition to their new place. I can’t wait to gift it to her!

Preservation and Creation allows you to choose photos from your library or social platforms and turn them into photo books, prints, or frames. There really are no more excuses to not printing out our pictures. Go here to check out the full repertoire!preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-41preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-42preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-37preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-10

Materials: Click here to download the free Dutch baroque floral wrapping paper

Print an “engineering print” at your local copy place (Staples or FedEx is fine). It should cost between $4-7. The print is large enough to wrap a 16×20” frame leaving the back open so that it can be hung up.preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-39preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-27preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-35preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-21preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-10preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-1preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-9preservation-and-creation-canvas-prints-7

Preservation and Creation is giving you, dear Lars readers, 30% off canvas prints that is $75 or greater when you enter CANVAS30 at checkout. Plus, free standard shipping!

Photography by Ashley Isenhour, last photo by Alizabeth Rinner
This post was done in partnership with Preservation and Creation. Thank you to our sponsors who keep this blog thriving!



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