DIY paper Swedish Easter tree

Every celebration needs a great centerpiece (or even if it’s not a celebration, a centerpiece can still light up the room!). That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite centerpiece ideas that you can create at home!

Read below for the full tutorial on how to make this paper Swedish Easter tree!

You’ll Need:

  • Paper in the color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Branches
  • Vase
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil


Last year I had a reader ask if I could come up with a cheap and easy Easter centerpiece for the table. Well, a year later it’s coming true! Påskris it is! This one is cheap and easy, though a bit time consuming.

Påskris is a Swedish Easter tree that I caught wind of while living in Scandinavia. I’ve been wanting to do my own version for ages now so this year was the year! They’re usually made with real feathers and painted Easter eggs, paper roosters, pipe cleaner witches, crochet catkins, and yarnball chickens (????) but I decided to keep it to paper feathers. I love the movement they created.

It would make a great centerpiece for an Easter table or just a fun decor statement for the house. And if you’re making decorations for a party, just make the arrangement smaller in scale to cut down on labor and costs.

DIY paper Swedish Easter tree


    • paper in the color of your choice (I used pastels in scrapbook paper for Easter)
    • scissors
    • acrylic paint in coordinating colors to the paper
    • branches
    • vase
    • glue gun
    • pencil


  1. Cut out the feathers unnamed-8

2. paint colorful designs and patterns onto the paper (optional)unnamed-6

3. Cut more details into the feathersunnamed-3unnamed

4. Curl the feathers with a pencil to give them movementunnamed-14unnamed-13

5. Assemble your branches into a vase

6. Glue gun the feathers to the edges of the branches



Crafting, styling, photography by Brittany Jepsen

Centerpiece ideas for every season

We’re a big fan of the tree centerpiece. For Easter, try creating this pom-pom Easter egg tree or this naturally dyed Easter egg tree. In the fall, create this gratitude tree with acorn favors and learn how to make a tree with hearts for Valentine’s Day. For the winter holidays, you might already have a tree up in your home, so use these mini bottle brush trees as a colorful centerpiece!

For non-holiday-specific celebrations, take a look at this balloon centerpiece and paper plant centerpiece. If you know Lars, you know that we could never pass up the opportunity to create paper flowers. Plus, they’re always a great centerpiece option. During the Spring a couple of years ago, we had a pastel tablesetting and created a Tulip centerpiece.

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