Mother’s Day flower bouquet corsage

  1. Cut or tear a 6 in x 6 in piece of wax paper and fold in half at a slight angle (again, irregular is lovely!). Flip your brown paper piece over (painted side down) and layer the wax paper on top.IMG_2434
  2. Fold one end of your paper stack over at an angle. Place bouquet on paper as shown in the photo below.IMG_2438 IMG_2439
  3. Bring the folded corner of your paper stack around the bundle of stems and tuck the corner around and under the stems. Use a dab of hot glue to hold paper in place.IMG_2437
  4. Bring the other corner of your paper stack around and on top of your bundle and use hot glue to glue the paper in place.IMG_2441
  5. Wrap a ribbon around your bundle and glue in place. Turn the bouquet over and hot glue brooch hardware OR the center of an 18-22 in ribbon to the paper.IMG_2443

mother's day bouquet corsage

We hope you enjoy this dainty little project. We want to enjoy your mini creation as well. Tag us with the hashtag #LarsMakes, and we’ll celebrate life together!

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting and styling by Ashley Isenhour


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