DIY paper maidenhair fern mobile

by Corrie Beth Hogg of Apple of My DIY 

A few years ago I visited the redwood forests in northern California for the first time, my friend and I spent hours hiking amongst the large boughs and trunks, it was magical and inspirational! One of my favorite memories is this steep rock face we found that was completely covered in maidenhair ferns. I love how delicate and expressive they are. I’m smitten. I’ve tried to capture those qualities here in paper with this mobile, it is so light, it’s constantly twisting and turning in the slightest breeze. You only need a few supplies to make this – super easy if you have a paper cutting machine, but you can cut by hand as well.DIY paper maidenhair fern mobile

What you need:

  1. Cut out the fern either by tracing with the PDF pattern or cut on your paper cutting machine using the SVG file. (I added 12 ferns to my mobile.) Once the ferns are cut, use the glue stick to attach the end of the stem to a jump ring.DIY paper maidenhair fern mobileDIY paper maidenhair fern mobile
  2. Add a length of string to each jump ring. I varied my lengths from 8” – 12”.DIY paper maidenhair fern mobile


Tie 4 lengths of 24” string to your hoop at equal points around the circle and knot them together. You’ll use this point to hang your mobile. Next, tie the ferns to the hoop. And… you’re done!! DIY paper maidenhair fern mobile

Photos and projects by Corrie Beth Hogg of Apple of My DIY 

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