DIY Oversized paper stockings

DIY Oversized Stockings“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.” We decided to take these quintessential Christmas words and take them to a whole new level! Oversized, paper, fringed stockings hung over the loveliest mid-century modern fireplace? Santa would be so pleased! We clearly love oversized projects here now that I think about it… Go big or go home, right? These are such a fun twist on the traditional stockings and I love the whimsical look of them. The bonus is they are no-sew and made from paper and party supplies that are easily accessible and cheap. Our favorite type of project! We went with a more traditional red, green, and silver palette, but you can customize the colors you use to your liking! Whether you decide to use them strictly for home decor or use them for your bits and bobbles on Christmas Eve (Caution: you are going to need a LOT of bits and bobbles to fills those guys), these DIY oversized stockings make a perfect addition to your Christmas decor. So lets turn on some Mannheim Steamroller and deck the halls!


DIY Oversized Stockings

DIY Oversized Stockings

-heavyweight paper (I used a roll of floor protection paper from Home Depot, like this one here)
-crepe paper, tissue paper, and tinsel. Scalloped tissue paper found here!
-glue (hot glue for the tinsel)
-clear tape
1.  Cut 2 sheets of the heavyweight paper approx. 5 feet long.  Stack the sheets on top of each other.
2. Draw the outline of your stocking and then cut out, cutting both sheets of paper at the same time so they match up perfectly.
3.  Glue the sheets together along the edges, leaving the top open.
4.  While this is drying, you can cut your tissue paper into strips and then fringe.
5.  To fringe crepe and tissue paper, fold back and forth on itself until it’s pretty thick, then make small cuts across the bottom, then unfold and you should have a long length of fringed paper.
6.  Working from the bottom to the top, start taping your crepe and tissue paper in the pattern you want.  If using tinsel, make sure you have enough to cover stocking, then hot glue it the front of the stocking.
7.  When finished just trim the edges and add some embellishments.

DIY Oversized Stockings

DIY Oversized Stockings

DIY Oversized StockingsOversized paper stockings Oversized paper stockings

Crafting by Kara Schmidt  |  Photography by Anna Killian 


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