Lars Christmas cards with Artifact Uprising (and coupon!)

The House That Lars Built x Artifact UprisingDon’t the holidays make you a million times more sentimental and nostalgic? This time of year I love to think back on years past and recall upon sweet memories. Whether they are small moments or big adventures, they each have a special meaning to me, and I never want to forget anything! Nothing preserves a memory better than pictures, and I LOVE looking back on photographs to bring all the memories flooding back. We teamed up photo pros, Artifact Uprising, to preserve some of our favorite moments from 2016! Along with my personal Christmas cards of my family, we created a Lars Team Christmas card, and a photo wall for our studio! I am in love with how they each turned out!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love sending out cards. There is something so lovely and thoughtful about receiving a warm wish in the mail. Call me old fashioned, but I get giddy when I go out to check the mail to find a stamped envelop addressed to me! It gives you a chance to let your old college roommate, your parents, your hairdresser, etc. know that you care about them. And can we all agree that the best Christmas cards include a picture? I want to know what people look like these days! And I suppose I assume people want to know what I look like too (HA!), because I love sending cards with a picture.

For my personal Christmas Card, I wanted the card to be festive but keep a classic look to it. We dressed pretty festive, I mean, how many times can your husband wear a Christmas sweater, right? The style we chose from Artifact Uprising was perfect, and I love that the backs of the cards are blank so you can write a personal note to each recipient. Even though it takes a little time, I think it is so meaningful!We chose the Merry card that comes with your choice of metallic foil, which is ALWAYS classy. We went with the copper foil.The House That Lars Built x Artifact Uprisingthe-house-that-lars-built-artifact-uprising-16

This year I also decided to do a Lars Team Christmas card. The studio is so much fun because of the wonderful people who contribute! We wanted a card that represented us, so obviously it needed to be BRIGHT! We all wore different colors, which was enhanced by the simple design with the perfectly chosen phrase, “All that is written, be it BRIGHT”. Perfect. The House That Lars Built x Artifact Uprisingthe-house-that-lars-built-artifact-uprising-15

There are our interns for the semester: Melissa, Jayne, Katie, Michelle, Eliza and then Rebecca who works part time and Anna who does our photography, and Mary, who came on board to help out with the business side of things. I feel so lucky to have everyone on board. This is a special bunch!

Lastly our photo wall! Looking back on the past few years, we’ve been so blessed to have been involved in so many wonderful projects. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite memories, so we chose a few images that really capture the Lars brand to display in the studio and got the framed prints. We chose the gallery frames so that we could display a collection. I am thrilled with the color and life they bring to our space! It’s been so great to have some reminders of what we’ve done over the last couple of years and dream about our next steps. They make such perfect gifts for loved ones too. I even got one to gift to my family.

The House That Lars Built x Artifact UprisingThe House That Lars Built x Artifact UprisingThe House That Lars Built x Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is offering Lars readers a discount of 10% off your order with code HLBXAU16 and is valid until December 6th. Go get ’em!

Photography by Anna Killian

This post is sponsored by Artifact Uprising. Thank you to the brands that allow us to create awesome original content.


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