Printable leftovers tags

Here at Lars, we’re all about making the best of any holiday or celebration, and that includes the leftovers!

To make the cutest leftover bag, scroll below to download these printable leftover tags!

Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because the fun really begins after the meal is done. Yes, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving has to be when you get to take your delicious leftovers home with you to be enjoyed as a late night snack or a tasty addition to your work lunchbox. It’s like you get an extra few days of Thanksgiving! Instead of stealing from your host and mixing up tupperware, we’ve got these cute, printable leftover tags that’ll spruce up any bag.Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags Printable Thanksgiving leftover tags

Get the downloadable leftover green tags HERE and black tags HERE.

You can also use these printable leftover tags as labels for your food, so you remember what’s in it! No more rummaging through the fridge and opening up tupperware in order to find what you’re looking for. Adorable AND functional? I’m in. Read below for some food ideas and recipes for your next holiday gathering!

Design by Ashley Isenhour  |  Photography by Anna Killian for The House That Lars Built

Holiday food ideas for your printable leftover tags

These printable leftover tags are perfect for Thanksgiving, but you can use them for any autumnal celebration or dinner party! If you’re looking to save some extra slices of pie, you can print out these pie boxes and attach your leftovers tag! If you want to make your own holiday pie, try out these 3 pie crust decorating ideas!

Ok, I know dinner parties and holidays aren’t ALL about desserts (although I do love them!), so we’ve gathered together some of our favorite food ideas for your holiday celebration! For our Halloween dinner party, we had a menu that consisted of roasted root vegetables, a harvest board, and roasted garlic & cauliflower soup. This menu is also perfect for any autumnal gathering, and you can get the recipes here! Trust me, you’ll want the printable leftover tags to save any remaining food with these recipes! You can download these cute recipe cards to write them down as well!

Be sure to check out the Lars shop for more Thanksgiving printables!



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