The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

The House That Lars Built for Hallmark The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

If sending out Christmas cards isn’t the funnest thing, then designing your own certainly is! I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I adore cards. From the envelope to the stamps to the handwritten note, there is nothing sweeter! So when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Hallmark Signature to create a line of Christmas cards I was tickled pink. This was way better than dancing sugar plum fairies!

When I began the design process I started with identifying a color palette. I wanted the cards to feel retro and bright which led me to a slightly non-traditional color palette that included pinks alongside red and green. I began by cutting the shapes for each design and then scanning them into the computer. I decided upon four designs: A sweater, a snow globe, a Christmas tree, and mistletoe. The cherry on top? Each felt and paper design on the card is removable and becomes an ornament to hang on your tree! So your card now becomes a gift as well! We are all about efficiency over here.

The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

I knew I wanted these cards to represent not only my aesthetic but also some of my dearest Christmas memories. The wool sweater has a Scandinavian feel to it and was inspired by my very own sweater that I got from Iceland. Icelanders usually just wear one of these cozy sweaters in replace of a jacket–they are that warm! The snow globe reminds me of New York City, one of my most favorite cities. It is the most magical during the holiday season with twinkle lights galore and window displays that will make you swoon! Of course I had to include a Christmas tree! I can’t help but think of the Christmas trees in “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” when I look at this card. That soundtrack gets me every time. Lastly is the mistletoe card. The great thing about mistletoe is that you can hang it wherever your heart desires and see what happens 😉The House That Lars Built for Hallmark The House That Lars Built for Hallmark The House That Lars Built for Hallmark The House That Lars Built for Hallmark

So scurry on over to your local Hallmark Gold store or wherever and send a little Christmas cheer! And check out the full collection on the Hallmark site.


Photos by Anna Killian for The House That Lars Built 



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