How to make a notepad

How to make a notepad

Growing up, I was a sack-lunch kinda girl. I thought cafeteria food was gross (I think/hope things have improved since my day), and I had a really cute lunch box. Lucky for me, my mom indulged me and packed my lunch almost every day. I now realize what a labor of love that really was! I would often find a little note tucked next to my turkey sandwich and applesauce. Notes simply stating, “I love you, Baby Doll!” penned in my mom’s handwriting served as a quick reminder that I was special. Those notes, especially when coupled with a homemade chocolate chip cookie :), made my heart sing!

DIY Love Note Pad

From list making and note-taking, to letter writing and love notes, my mom was the expert. She would always have an abundance of Mary Engelbert note pads scattered around the house. So since you can never have too many, we decided to create our own notepad! We gave it a pink and red theme appropriate for Valentine’s Day love notes! This DIY love note pad will surely encourage you to not skimp on the words of affirmation this season!

Instructions after the jump!

DIY Love Note Pad

We made our pad for Valentines Day and included some fun marbled paper. Feel free to customize you color palate for any occasion!

DIY Love Note Pad

DIY Love Note Pad


  • Cardstock, in various shades of pinks and reds
  • Liquid craft glue
  • Paper cutter, or scissors
  • Foam paint brush
  • Binder clips or clamps


  1. Cut all your paper into 3″ by 2″ pieces. We cut enough to have a 1.5″ thick pad
  2. Clamp all the papers together with clips so that the edges are all aligned flush with one another
  3. Coat one narrow edge of the pad with craft glue.
  4. Paint on about 10 layers, letting each one dry in between.
  5. Ley dry and remove clips

DIY Love Note Pad

Ribbon and postage stamps from Studio Carta  |  Heart stickers from Knot and Bow

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Rebecca Young  


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