Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

I’m pleased as punch to introduce a guest contributor to Lars for the day, Erin Benzakein of Floret Flowers. I first discovered Erin’s flower farms when I attended Martha Stewart’s American Made in NYC a couple of years ago, and she won the design category! Erin and her family run this Washington-based farm where they sell flower seeds, bulbs, and gifts. They put a ton of research into everything they do you know you’re getting the best quality. They have just released a brand new book called Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvet, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms and it is THE book to turn to if you’re looking to improve your flower gardening and arranging skills. Today, Erin is showing us how to create a spring party table and arrangement. Stay tuned to our Instagram as she’s taking over today where you can also enter to win a copy of the book! BTW, have you seen her Instagram?! It’s one of the most gorgeous ones out there! 

As soon as the weather warms, sunny spring weekends are almost always spent outdoors. Any excuse to throw a party and have friends over is jumped at. Because these outdoor gatherings are usually planned at the last minute, I often find myself dashing to through the garden, cutting handfuls of flowers just minutes before the guests arrive to decorate the table. But with fresh ingredients growing nearby and a collection of the right containers on hand, it’s possible to throw together a quick, super sweet display of spring flower in no time.

For this fun little party table I kept it ultra simple, and made just one bouquet for the center of the display and then scattered a collection of mixed apothecary bottles with blooms at varying heights down the table. The combination of double creamy tulips, the last of the cheerful daffodils, a few stems of fragrant lilacs, some buttery primroses, a couple of little handfuls of adorable grape hyacinths, and some wild garden greens all mixed into interesting vases, made for a pretty, springy tablescape.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

How to make a springtime floral arrangement


  • Small vase
  • 6-8 apothecary bottles (mixed sizes)
  • 3 stems of white lilacs
  • 7-10 stems of greens
  • 3-5 stems of primroses
  • 30 stems of grape hyacinths
  • 7 stems of mixed daffodils

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm


This little bouquet couldn’t be easier to make and takes just minutes to throw together. Start by adding greens around the neck of a small vase and then a few more stems in the center.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Next, place a few stems of fluffy lilacs in amongst the greens, leaving room between them for other ingredients to be threaded in.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

On either side of the bouquet, nestle in some large-flowered tulips, clustering them together for the most visual impact.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Lastly, tuck in the delicate primroses and the sweetly scented daffodils into any empty spots remaining.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Then gather a collection of interesting bottles, cut a few focal flowers to varying heights and slip them in.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Fill the tiny jars with handfuls of petite grape hyacinths and then scatter all of the bottles down the table, on either side of the bouquet and you’re done, easy as can be.

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Spring Party Table with Floret Farm

Learn more about Floret Farms on their site and purchase their beautiful new book here.

Photographs by Michèle M. Waite  |  Post by Erin Benzakein of Floret Farms


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