Father’s Day Sport Donuts

Father's Day Sports DonutsAm I the only one that struggles with deciding what to get the men in their life for Father’s Day? When you’re young, a nice hand-drawn picture would do the trick, but once you hit your twenties, that’s not really acceptable anymore. So what do you get a guy for Father’s Day? The problem is, I’ll less familiar with the things that most people associate with “manly” things. I do know, however, that almost all men, with very rare if any, exceptions, LOVE food. In particular, donuts. Donuts decorated like sports? You’ve hit the jackpot. So don’t worry about making a trip to the hardware store and educating yourself on the newest power tools. Just buy some donuts and dress them up a bit! Nestled in a faux-grass lined bakery box and topped with printable sports pennants just for dad, these sport donuts will leave everyone swooning, and your dad drooling!

Father's Day sports donuts

Full DIY after the jump!

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Sports Donuts


  • Printable Father’s Day pennants (download here)
  • Bag of glazed mini donuts
  • Frosting in white, brown, orange, and red for detail
  • Brown bakery box
  • Turf or fake grass
  • Toothpicks
  • Hot glue gun

Father's Day Sports Donuts


  1. Place a bit of each color frosting into a small bowl and heat up until you achieve a thinned out consistency
  2. Dip the tops of each donut into the frosting. Use white for soccer balls and baseballs, brown for footballs and orange for basketballs. Let set.
  3. Place brown, white, and red icing into their own ziplock bag and snip the corner to create a make-shift piping bag. Add line details to the donuts to create the different sports balls.
  4. Cut a piece of faux grass to fit into your bakery box.
  5. Print out and cut out the Father’s Day pennants and glue onto toothpicks.
  6. Place donuts into the box and stick pennants into the donuts.

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Father's Day Sports Donuts

Happy Father’s Day!

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young | Graphics by Ashley Isenhour 


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