Paper Watermelon Tablecloth

Paper Watermelon tableclothRemember our Birthday Cake Tablecloth? We loved it so much we were inspired to make a more graphic paper rendition based on a piece of artwork I saw hanging in Abby Clawson Low‘s home in Mexico City (she’s one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram!). That watermelon poster is so simple and bold and I thought it would be great to bring its aesthetic into party decor.

The best thing about this project? It’s paper, and paper is cheap (less than $5) and you can recycle it once the event is over. I’m a big fan of the whole easy clean-up deal as well. With Memorial Day coming up, picnic season is about to commence. Consequently, watermelon consumption—at least in my home—is going to reach an all-time high. So, we embraced the summer fruit with a paper watermelon tablecloth and a watermelon seed balloon garland! On the menu? Watermelon, watermelon, and more watermelon!

Continue for the full DIY!

Paper Watermelon tablecloth

Watermelon Paper Tablecloth


  • Red butcher paper, enough to cover around the table and the table top (we get ours from the local party supply store that sells it for $.20 a foot)
  • green butcher paper
  • Cardstock in black
  • Scissors
  • double sided stick tape or masking tape
  • See PDF templates HERE and SVG templates HERE


  1. Measure the length, width, and height of the table you are looking to decorate.
  2. On red butcher paper, cut a piece in the correct measurements to cover the top surface of the table. Then cut a piece that you can wrap around the sides of the table (you only need to do three sides if it sits against the wall).
  3. Using the templates provided, cut out the seed pieces in cardstock.
  4. Using green butcher paper, create a jagged border at the bottom for the rind of the watermelon Adhere with tape.
  5. Make tape rolls with masking tape and adhere decorations to the table.

Fun tip:

Add in “seeds” with black balloons!

Paper Watermelon tableclothPaper Watermelon tableclothPaper Watermelon tablecloth

Photography by Anna Killian for The House That Lars Built 


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