DIY Balloon Garden

Spring blossoms are a huge source of inspiration here at Lars, especially when my garden is overflowing with blooms! Is there anything better than a space filled with fresh blossoms? No sir, there’s not. Unfortunately, that can cost a pretty peony… I mean penny. But, that wasn’t going to stop us from creating a magical garden indoors. Consequently, we turned to one of our favorite mediums: Balloons! As a result, we created a DIY Balloon Garden! (and pssst: The Wall Street Journal just caught onto the balloon moment!)

Simple, eye-catching, cheap, and whimsical, it makes the perfect backdrop for a party or shower. It’s easy to create and just as easy to take down. All you need is an assortment of skinny balloons, commonly used to create balloon animals. We were pretty heavy handed when it came to the number of balloon flowers, but go big or go home, right?!  At the end of the gathering, let everyone take one or a bunch home!

DIY Balloon GardenDIY Balloon GardenDIY Balloon Garden

We were inspired by this amazing display.

Learn how to make your own DIY Balloon Garden!

DIY Balloon Garden


DIY Balloon Garden

DIY Balloon Garden


DIY Balloon Garden


To make the petals:

  1. Begin by blowing up a balloon and then letting a bit of the air out of it, and making a tiny tail at the end so you can tie a know with it. Tie off the end.
  2. Take both ends of the balloon and tie them together, creating a loop.
  3. Grab a portion of the balloon, about a third of the way up from the knot. Bend towards the knot and twist around the knot to create a petal. Repeat this step two more times so you have 3 petals totalDIY Balloon Garden

DIY Balloon Garden

To make the stem:

  1. Blow up a balloon, but leave a 3-inch tail at the end without air. Tie off the balloon.
  2. Press your finger on the knot of the balloon, pushing the top into the rest of the balloon.
  3. With your other hand, grab the knot and hold onto it while you wiggle your other finger out.
  4. While still holding the knot, twist the top of the balloon around the knot. This creates a little bubble on top of the stem
  5. Insert the stem into the petals, with the bubble on top of the petals and the stem below.

DIY Balloon Garden

Make as many balloons as possible! We made around 165!  Apply them to the wall with duct tape loops. A word of caution: the balloons will not remain for extended periods of time. That being said, you’ll want to put them up a few hours before your party. Otherwise, invest in some stronger tape! 😉

DIY Balloon Garden

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Photography by Anna Killian



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