Bauhaus Inspired Tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescapeThe moment I saw these plates at Ikea, I knew that I needed to create a tablescape around them. Splatter paint patterns lend themselves very nicely to a painterly theme, s0 we ran with it! A brush stroke tablecloth, hand painted napkins, and colorful mobiles all combine to create a fun, Bauhaus-inspired look! This look would be perfect for a number of occasions: an artsy dinner party or even a kid-friendly back-to-school party. You can go all out and incorporate all the elements here, or you can tone it down and just create the napkins for your table setting. Either way, the hand painted elements add a lovely organic quality and are sure to impress your guests. So channel your inner child, bust out your paintbrushes, and make your old art teacher proud!

bauhaus inspired tablescape

For the napkin and tablecloth how-tos, continue after the jump!

bauhaus inspired tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescape

Bauhaus Inspired Painted Linens


  • 3/4 yard of muslin
  • Dropcloth, large enough to cover your desired table. We used 9′ by 12′ size.
  • Red acrylic/house paint
  • yellow acrylic/house paint
  • Paintbrushes, 1 large, 1 medium


  1. For the napkins, cut into 12 by 12 squares.
  2. With your red paint and a medium brush, paint a rough plaid pattern. No need to be perfect here! Let dry.
  3. Double fold the edges of all four sides and sew to create a finished seam.
  4. For the tablecloth, cut your drop cloth to fit dimensions of your table, if necessary.
  5. With yellow paint and a large paintbrush, paint on swooping strokes all across the tablecloth to create a graphic pattern.
  6. Let dry.

bauhaus inspired tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescape

bauhaus inspired tablescape

Stay tuned for a tutorial and templates for the hanging mobile!


Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Ashley Isenhour


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