DIY Daisy Party Hat

DIY Daisy party hatWe’re big fans of the classic Daisy, see here, here, and here. Don’t you love the idea of channeling your inner flower child and covering everything with daisies? We’re siding with Meg Ryan here and preaching of the power of the daisy: Happiness oozes from Daisies! So we’re starting with a classic party hat. This DIY Daisy party hat is an easy way to transform a lackluster party accessory and make it absolutely adorable! We’ve created templates for you that you can either use with your die-cut machine or cut out by hand. Ideal for the birthday girl, the bride-to-be, or your guests of honor, everyone will benefit from donning a DIY daisy party hat! Peace, love, and daisies. That’s what the world needs.DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy Party Hat

Party Hat PDF template & Mini Daisy SVG & PDF template HERE


  • 1 sheet of white printer paper per hat (1 for each hat)
  • 1 sheet of white cardstock ( 1 for each hat)
  • Craft cutting machine (we suggest this one if you’re in the market) or scissors
  • mini yellow pom poms (we got ours from here)
  • 1″ size pom poms for topper
  • Hot glue gunDIY Daisy party hat


  1. Using the templates provided, cut out one party hat and use a dot of glue to secure. You can also use a ready made purchased party hat.
  2. Cut out the small daisy flowers.
  3. Using a dab of glue in the center of each flower, place onto the party hat, close enough so the petals overlap.
  4. Using your finger or a tool, fluff up the petals a bit to lift them off the party hat and give the hat texture.
  5. Glue a mini yellow pom pom in the center of each daisy. Top each hat with a larger pom pom and secure with glue. DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy party hat

DIY Daisy party hat

And if you’re in the mood, try out our daisy backdrop

Photography by Anna Killian


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