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Paper Chain Wall Hanging

Paper Chain Wall Hanging Paper Chain Wall Hanging
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  • Krisitina says

    Please help me understand the dimensions for these pieces of paper. I think I just ruined a bunch of beautiful paper, purchased for a project for one of my children, following your 1/2″x3 1/2″ directions. I have measured and re-measured and my pieces are nowhere near long enough to link. Ughh. Any hope?

  • Ayşe says

    That is perfect, i love it. İ want to do that for my girls birthday part as a backdrop. İt will be different . What do you think ? And may i learn about the total sizes.
    Loves from turkey

  • Ariel Gup says

    Hi there! The link for the guide is no longer available. Any chance you could put up a new link? Or email me the guide? Thanks! ❤️