Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

If you have any memories associated with crafting throughout your life, chances are that Fiskars scissors have been involved. Known for the Original Orange-handled Scissors, their products are the cream of the crop for crafting and have been for as long as I can remember. This month, we’ve partnered with Fiskars to celebrate the 50th Birthday of their iconic orange-handled scissors! Quite the milestone! Inspired by the vibrant orange color of their products, we created bright orange hibiscus flowers out of crepe paper showcased on a deep green tropical leaf backdrop. This is the ultimate party backdrop achieved with just paper and a trusty pair of Fiskars orange-handled scissors. A simple project with a big impact, our favorite kind. You should probably wear a bright orange tropical dress just to pay your proper respects as well 😉

Continue for the full tutorial! 

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

It’s always nice to have a statement wall for a party: It’s an excellent way to get the theme across and create some eye candy in one go. Tropical leaves have been having a moment; I’m looking at you Giant Monstera leaf. We decided to go with a slightly simpler leaf design for ease of cutting and chose to create a few renditions of the banana leaf. And what about tropical flowers!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the recent house plant trend, but let’s not leave the flowers high and dry. Lucious, bright orange hibiscus blooms add just the right pop of color to the deep green background. I’m craving a pina colada just thinking about it!

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

Templates HERE


  • Green butcher paper
  • Various shades of green paint
  • Paint brush
  • Fiskars Orange-handled scissors
  • 18″ wire pieces
  • Hot glue gun
  • gaffer tape
  • Orange crepe paper
  • Raspberry and yellow spray paint

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop



  1. Using the templates provided, cut out leaves from green butcher paper. Some leaves have notched edges, some have fringed edges, and some are smooth.
  2. Create some texture on the leaves by painting some brush strokes on the paper leaves.
  3. Once dry, glue an 18″ piece of wire onto a few of the leaves with a hot glue gun so that you can bend them into a zig zag shape.

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

Hibiscus Flowers:

  1. Using the templates, cut five petals out of orange crepe paper and the center out of yellow crepe paper
  2. Spray paint the bottom of the petals with the raspberry spray paint and the outer edges of the petals with yellow spray paint.
  3. Create the center by fringing one side of the crepe paper piece, rolling it up, and fluffing out the “stamens.”
  4. Create the ruffly edges of the petals by gently pulling apart small sections of the outer edge of the petal.
  5. Glue the petals around the center stamen.

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop


  1. Identify how large of a space you want to cover and hang the butcher paper on the wall to mark the area for the art piece. This will provide the backdrop for the leaves and flowers.
  2. Secure the tropical leaves onto the butcher paper with tape rolls of strong quality tape
  3. Create layers of leaves by overlapping the leaves to create dimension and depth.
  4. The leaves with wire can be bent in a zig zag motion to create more movement
  5. Apply hibiscus flowers onto the leaf-covered wall with tape.

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

Fiskars has so many goodies! If you’re a crafter, make sure you check out all their supplies. You’ll be sure to find something you didn’t know you needed!

Tropical Leaf and Hibiscus Backdrop

Get the look: Orange bold floral maxi dress (it really is amazing I must admit!) from here!

Photography by Anna Killian

This post is sponsored by Fiskars.



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