DIY Shoe Appliques

DIY Shoe AppliquesWe’ve been seeing the most glamorous shoes this fall and we’ve caught the bug. My shopping cart is full of velvet, embroidered, and detailed shoes that I’m sure positive would make any outfit ten times more beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a fairy godmother dropping off glass slippers. However, I’ve found an easy hack that will easily transform a basic shoe into something you’d be hard-pressed to take off! These DIY Shoe Appliques is the perfect solution. Luxury is only a pair of shoes away!

Check out the full DIY!

DIY Shoe Appliques

DIY Shoe Appliques

Buy the shoes HERE

First, choose a pair of shoes that you think could use a facelift. We chose a pair of black velvet flats with some pretty pearl details. Pretty to begin with, but we could see the potential. Then, scour the internet for some beaded and/or embroidered patches to adorn your shoes. We found ours via Etsy HERE and there are a ton of cute ones HERE. But Ebay, Amazon, and even thrift stores are great resources.

DIY Shoe Appliques

You can apply the clips in two different ways: permanent or temporary. Perhaps you like the option of wearing your shoes without the extra pizazz. In that case, the shoe clip is the way to go. All you need to do is glue an alligator clip to the back of your applique and let it dry. Then simply clip it onto your shoe! For a permanent addition. Use fabric glue to adhere the applique onto the front of your shoe. Let dry for 24 hours to ensure there is a strong seal.

DIY Shoe Appliques

DIY Shoe Appliques

These will surely put a skip in your step!

Photography by Jane Merritt 



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