Moon Phase Lights

Moon Phase LightsThe decorating is still in full swing over here and we’re starting to prep for some upcoming Halloween parties! I’ve mentioned before that I tend to stray from the creepy, scary aspects of Halloween. Hocus Pokus is about as scary as it gets in my household. These moon phase lights are much more my speed and the perfect pretty Halloween decoration! All you need to do is jazz up a pair of charcoal Bright Lab lights (the best!) with some gold leaf and you’ve got a lovely strand of lights. We wish we would have thought of this prior to the Eclipse, but luckily these work splendidly for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or any party that needs a little magic from the moon! I feel like I need to listen to “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader when I see these and I’m not mad about it.

Get the full DIY after the jump! 

Moon Phase Lights

Moon Phase Lights

Moon Phase Lights


  • Charcoal Bright Lab Lights
  • Gold leaf kit
  • Old Paintbrush
  • black and gold twine
  • Chipboard stars
  • Glitter
  • Craft Glue (such as Elmers)
  • Moon phase stencils, available for download HERE

Moon Phase Lights


  1. Print out the moon phase stencils and cut out the image, leaving only the recess image so you can use it for a stencil.
  2. Gold leaf the phases of the moon onto the lights using the stencils. Simply hold the stencil flush to each light globe, bending around the sphere, following the instructions provided with the gold leaf kit.
  3. Cut out stars from chipboard or buy some from the craft store.
  4. Cover the stars with a thin coat of glue and cover with glitter.
  5. Hot glue pieces of twine onto the backs of the stars.
  6. Tie the stars onto the bright lab light strand, placing one to two strands in between each globe. Knot and trim twine.

Moon Phase Lights

Moon Phase Lights

Hang them up and you’re ready for a night of dancin’ in the moonlight!

Moon Phase Lights

Photography by Clara Jones | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen


  1. These are very clever! I love all things Sun, Moon & Stars. I’m new to the crafty – chatty blog world, so please forgive if my question(s) have answers known to everyone else in the Northern hemisphere!

    The string of lights you’re using: you called them Charcoal Bright
    Lab Lights, but it wasn’t italicized like a product name, or differently colored indicating a link to a purchasing opportunity. Please tell me about the lights and where I should look for them. One more thing: the stars – what’s chipboard? Lol, I’m embarrassed. Do you use paint chips from a home improvement store, or are you using cardstock or poster board??

    Thanks so much! I appreciate you sharing ideas, plots, & enthusiasm!!


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