Best Holiday wrapping papers

Christmas Wrapping Round Up

There is a time and a place for brown paper packages tied up with strings, but this year we wanted pink, patterned, and pretty! We’ve done a thorough investigation of wrapping papers this Christmas season and collected some of our favorites. From geometric patterns to Swedish Dala horses to fun florals, these papers are sure to delight their recipients. They’ll look fabulous under your tree too!

Christmas Wrapping Round Up

Our favorite holiday wrapping papers

  1. Moglea wrapping 
  2. Siwa wrapping paper from Jungalow
  3. Dala Horse wrapping paper in pine from Pony Paper Co.
  4. Gold grid from Sugar Paper at Target
  5. Into The Wild wrapping paper from Jungalow
  6. Happy Holidays wrapping paper 
  7. Babylon wrapping paper from Jungalow
  8. Gold spreckled wrapping from Moglea
  9. Gold Christmas trees wrapping from Sugar Paper 
  10. Cluster wrapping from Moglea
  11. Into The Wild wrapping paper from Jungalow
  12. Pink dala horse from Pony Paper Co. 
  13. Gold spreckled 
  14. Noah gift wrapping from Jungalow Christmas Wrapping Round Up
  15. Amy Heitman has some of my favorite gift wrapping around. I love her use of colors! Geometric gift wrap from Amy Heitman
  16. Vintage plaid gift wrap from Amy Heitman
  17. Blush jingle bell gift wrap from Amy Heitman
  18. Geometric square from Amy Heitman

Christmas Wrapping Round Up

Do you have any others to add to the list? Would love to hear them!

Photos by Clara Sumsion Jones


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