Clothespin People Ornaments

Clothespin People Ornaments

Say goodbye to boring globe ornaments, this year we’re trimming our tree with handmade clothespin people ornaments! Dressed in bright colors, ear muffs, and mittens, these make for adorable ornaments. We took a spin on a classic craft to create some very well-accessorized snow bunnies, with scarves to boot! With such fun patterns and symbols, the options are limitless and your clothespin people are sure to be cute and cozy. This is a great craft for kids and a pretty cheap way to trim your tree!Clothespin People Ornaments

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Clothespin People OrnamentsClothespin People Ornaments


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  1. To start, if you want to add a hair bun to some of the pins, hot glue a wooden bead onto the top of the pin.
  2. You’ll need to drill 2 holes into your ornament: 1) through the upper body of the clothespin to stick a wire through to create arms and 2) on the top of the head to fit a screw eye ring to hang the ornament
  3. Paint the bodies with two colors, one for pants and one for their top. You can tape off each side at a time to ensure you create a straight line.
  4. Cut a piece of wire between 3-4 inches long and slip through the hole in the bodice you drilled earlier. Paint the arms the same color as the blouse.
  5. Give the pin some personality by painting a face and hairstyle.
  6. Glue on mini pom poms for mittens or ear muffs with a piece of embroidery floss.
  7. Add ribbon scarves with some glue. Feel free to fold the ribbon, or experiment with other fabric or materials.
  8. To finish, glue the screw eye ring to the head. Let dry and then thread some twine through and into a loop to hang it on the tree!

Clothespin People Ornaments

Clothespin People Ornaments

Clothespin People Ornaments

Check out our Instagram post to see our partner on this project

Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones


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