DIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens

Winter has finally arrived and we’ve been dealing with some pretty chilly temperatures. We’ve enjoyed the season’s first snow and the colder days are begging for mugs of cocoa and cozy sweaters. If you’re lucky (or unlucky for those of you with a cold weather aversion) enough to live in a climate that requires warm weather ware, then you’ve probably been unpacking the extra layers. But just because you’ve got to bundle up, does not mean you have to look like a lackluster marshmallow. Slip on a pair of these DIY Beaded Mittens to solve your winter woes!DIY Beaded Mittens

We wanted to glitz things up this year and when we happened upon the stunning knitwear work of Laerke Bagger, we were immediately inspired! I can’t imagine how much time it takes her to make all her stunning creations. A boring pair of mittens is the perfect vehicle for loads of sparkle and a fun way to pump up a winter outfit! This project is ideal for a few nights in watching holiday movies.

Get the how-to after the jump!

DIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens


  • A pair of lined, knit mittens. We got ours HERE
  • Needle and thread
  • Various beads and sequins



  1. Thread your needle with a single strand of thread
  2. Tie a secure knot at the base of the mitten. We made ours just under the cuff.
  3. Then just begin sewing on your beads and sequins, making sure to just sew through the top layer of the mitten. This is why it’s important to have lined mittens, so there is a barrier between the threads and your hand.
  4. Continue to cover the whole mitten by sewing the beads on in rows. If your thread runs out, tie off a knot and start a new thread.

This project will take a few hours so situate yourself in front of the fire and watch some Hallmark Christmas movies!DIY beaded mittens before and afterDIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens

DIY Beaded Mittens

Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen


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