Printable Paintbrush Valentines

Printable Paintbrush Valentine

This Valentine speaks to our hearts as creatives, artists, and designers, and we have a feeling you’ll love it just as much! These Printable Paintbrush Valentines are printed with clever phrases sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Filled with colorful candy to act as the paint on the brush, they make the ultimate eye-candy! I’m all for giving Valentines no matter what your age, and when they’re this cute and simple, why wouldn’t you?! So let’s honor the artist within all of us by passing out these Printable Paintbrush Valentines and showing a little love! Color coordinate the candy like we did, or feel free to choose your favorites!

Download the Printable Paintbrush Valentines below!

Printable Paintbrush Valentine

Printable Paintbrush Valentine

Printable Paintbrush Valentine


Printable Paintbrush Valentines


  • Paintbrush Template HERE
  • Scissors
  • 3-inch by 5-inch cellophane bags (we used these ones)
  • Assorted candy to match the colors of the paintbrushes
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun
    Printable Paintbrush Valentine


  1. Download the paintbrush template, print them off, and cut them out
  2. Score (fold) the template where identified
  3. Fill your cellophane bags with your desired candy
  4. Align the top of the filled bag with the top of the backside of the paintbrush. Staple twice along the upper edge to secure.
  5. Fold over the front paintbrush on top of the candy bag, fold in the tab, and apply hot glue to the tab to glue to the bag. This will securely sandwich the bag in between the front and back of the paintbrush and you’ll only see staples on the backside.

Printable Paintbrush Valentine

Printable Paintbrush ValentinePrintable Paintbrush Valentine

Printable Paintbrush Valentine

Shop our Paintbrush Valentine kit here

Photography by Jane Merritt | Design by Rebecca Hansen | Illustration by Ashley Isenhour


  1. I made these for my son’s second grade class, and they turned out DARLING! I am so happy with them! So unique and so fun. They went together very quickly.


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