Family Photo Heirloom Ornament
Family Photo Heirloom Ornament

DIY Family Photo Heirloom Ornaments

I’ve been a long-time fan of family history, ever since discovering a 7-inch thick family tree book. After finding it, I would spend hours flipping through it looking at every name and location. It was fascinating. I loved trying to see who I and my family members looked the most similar to! While it’s always fun to see old pictures and try to pinpoint likenesses, it’s also a tender opportunity to connect and bond. That being said, isn’t it sad that most of the time, old family photos end up in dusty boxes?! That’s why we decided to make them into ornaments this year! Introducing our Family Photo Heirloom Ornaments!

You'll Need:

A Literal Family Tree

This time of year always tends to be a bit nostalgic. It’s a time for family, which got me thinking about my whole family tree. I wanted to create something to help connect me to my ancestors. These Heirloom Family Photo Ornaments were the result. I collected some photos of my family members, including great-grandparents, parents, and even Jasper as it would be his first official ornament!

After collecting the photos, we figured out an awesome way to transfer images onto fabric. Then I wanted to add a little something extra on the ornaments. Recently, I spotted the technique of adding embroidery onto photos so we decided to try it out on these plush ornaments. It adds the perfect little extra pop of color! I absolutely love how the ornaments turned out. It’s a literal family tree! Find the tutorial e-book here.

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament


I love that the ornaments serve as a reminder of those I love throughout the holiday season! Instead of being hidden away in boxes, I can look at my beloved ancestors every day. These are perfect heirlooms to pass down each generation, and I’m planning on making new additions each year.

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament

My Christmas tree becomes a literal family tree, decorated with all my ancestors!

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament

Family Photo Heirloom Ornaments tutorial

Luckily for all of you, we decided to make an e-book and a brand new video showing you every step of the process. Do yourselves a favor and get yours now! These ornaments are the perfect holiday gift for family and loved ones.

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament Family Photo Heirloom Ornament

Here’s the breakdown of all my family photo choices for the ornaments. I chose a combo of older and younger members of my family tree, from my great grandparents all the way down to baby Jasper. Because if these really are heirloom ornaments, we need to keep the tradition going! Imagine Jasper’s children pulling out these gems someday. Can you imagine?!

You can find the tutorial for this project as an e-book in our shop here.

Photography by Jane Merritt


  1. I think this idea is GENIUS and I am totally going to copy it and share with my DUP camp next month—I am sure they will love it just as much as I do!


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