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DIY Family Photo Heirloom Ornaments

Family Photo Heirloom Ornament Family Photo Heirloom Ornament
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  • Ardith says

    These ornaments are super cool and festive. You and your team have some mad creative skills. Happy Holidays to you all, Ardith

  • Brooke Dickert says

    I think this idea is GENIUS and I am totally going to copy it and share with my DUP camp next month—I am sure they will love it just as much as I do!

  • Rochelle says

    These are adorable! Love the embroidery elements – they add so much colour and fun. Will definitely have a go at this – such a lovely way of bringing out the personalities in old family photos (and you’ve got some great ones!).

  • Belen Boulger says

    Hi Britney!
    In the process of making your ancestor/family ornaments.
    I’m gimping along…
    Not the most tech savvy person.
    I don’t know how to crop a picture so that all you get is white background. The photos I’ve cropped all have the background behind it.
    Please advise. Belén

  • Nancy (Betsy) LeDoux says

    I ordered this ebook about a month ago and still have not received the link to download it. I have asked about it at least 3 times..This is the first time I’ve used the blog.

  • Fiona Berry says

    I feel like I’ve been click baited to read a long article about 23 and Me and then charged for the information I was looking for Transfer Artists Paper seems to be the answer for anyone else who needs to know.

  • Casey Hambly says

    Hi there! I purchased your tutorial and am so excited to make these adorable ornaments. Quick question- how do you go about getting rid of background distractions? Did you print them, cut them out and then reprint them on the fabric? Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thanks so much:)

  • Suzanne Cindric King says

    I love this time of year when my 23&Me blows up with new relatives! I’m three years in and am still having fun with it! I am jealous of your found heritage book and, since we don’t have one, I’m going to start one hoping someone a few generations from now will be just as excited as you to have it! I LOVE your ornaments and am putting this on my to do list for 2021. Heading over to purchase your ebook! Thanks for the ideas now rolling around in my head! Happy New Year!!

    • Suzanne Cindric King says

      Bummer – it looks like it’s no longer available? I can figure it out but wanted to show you a little support. 🙁 Thanks anyway. Again, Happy New Year! I hope this year is better than 2020!

  • JeniSky says

    This is amazing !! I have never known where my family is from and this past year I did , Heritage and Familysearch as well as many Google searches and I have found everything I could have ever wanted and WAY more . I’m so excited to have found this idea 🥰 I’m definitely going to make some for the Christmas tree this year and, I am going to make to make a few for the Hope chest for my grandchildren . You are so talented! I just found you but I’ll definitely be visiting your page now to see what you’ve got going on . Thanks again for the inspiration and the directions on how to tie a bookmark ribbon 🤭

  • Skaie says

    I LOVE this creative craft! I actually made a couple for friends and they just loved it, too.

    Since then, my printer has died. I’ve also discovered HP’s “ink replenishing” service where they automatically send you replacement ink cartridges whenever yours is getting low.

    So, for this convenience, I’d love to stay in the HP camp. Can you recommend an HP printer that can accommodate this type of project?

    Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth says

    I purchased your booklet to make the heirloom ornaments. However, my inkjet printer won’t allow the fabric/freezer paper to feed through. Perhaps a printer which loads the paper at the top and, therefore, stays fairly flat would work. Unfortunately I can’t find anybody who still owns one. Ughh.