Last week I had the opportunity to host a workshop event at Anthropologie in Salt Lake City where I showed people how to style an outdoor soiree party for the summer months using some of their new products. It was the perfect combo of me being a big ‘ole fan of Anthro and my local peeps at the SLC location and my immense love of dinnerware. To go with the tropical themed collection, our team came up with three little custom projects that you can add to go with it that we’ll be sharing this week, starting with this paper leaf table runner inspired by their collection. It’s SO easy and cheap and adds a lot of pop!

DIY paper leaf runner


  • Cardstock in greens and teals
  • acrylic or tempera paints in greens and teals
  • paintbrushes
  • templates


  1. Using our templates, trace around the shapes of the leaves. You will need about 25 total in various sizes for a 6′ table as shown.
  2. Paint the outlines of the leaves in a darker contrasting color and add definition to the leaves with lines.
  3. Cut out the leaves.
  4. Assemble the leaves by placing the largest leaves first evenly distributed down the table, then adding in the second largest next, then adding in the smallest as shown here: 

Notice the inspiration for our leaves in the plate above! 

Pitcher  |  Spoons  |  Monogram tumblers  |  Tropical Melamine dinner plates  |  Woven placemats

Stay tuned for our next tutorial from the workshop on Wednesday!