DIY Friendsgiving Table Spread

Garlands and gratitude galore!  What better way to spend a season of gratitude than with friends.  This year, we wanted to deck out our studio with a Friendsgiving extravaganza!  We used our Friendsgiving invitations, found here, for some perfect garland inspiration.  No party is complete without an eye catching garland full of shapes and color à la Lars.  Because of the bounteous holiday celebrations this time of year, we also wanted everything to be damage free and temporary.  So we set out to find just the thing. Cue the new Command® Adjustables™ Hooks and Clips. 

The Details:

We’ve all been there: week of Thanksgiving and only now finalizing a dinner menu, let alone decorations.  Our printables have got you covered. Our Friendsgiving printable set comes with everything from name holders, invitations, place mats, and leftover labels.

Garlands and Chair swags

And now for the decorations.  With fall-inspired garlands to be hung and chairs to be decorated with Thanksgiving phrases, Command® Adjustables™ hooks and clips were perfect for everything we envisioned.  Their transparency was discreet enough to not detract from our decorations, but durable enough to hold yards of our paper garlands in place.  With this many garlands, it took us a few tries to get them exactly how we wanted. Command® Adjustables™ products were so handy because they were designed to be repositioned up to 3 times within the first 20 minutes of hanging them so you can get them just right.  Such a useful decorating hack.    

We decided the garlands on the walls just weren’t enough.  Go big or go home is always going to be a Lars party mantra.  Sure enough, the Command® Adjustables™ hooks worked splendidly on chairs, because who doesn’t love a colorful chair swag?!  Cut out some of your favorite Thanksgiving phrases and add some ribbon to make your own. We used our craft cutting machine to make it happen.

DIY Phrase Chair Swags



  1. Print out Letter templates. Find a font you love, scale it to the right size, print and cut it out by hand! This process can also be done on a craft cutting machine.
  2. Cut out the letters.
  3. Punch holes in the appropriate places on each letter so they can be strung.
  4. String the letters on the twine or cord.
  5. Use Command® Adjustables™ to hang the swags off of.
  6. Tie ribbons around the edges of the chairs to hide the slip.

Friendsgiving garlands



  1. Download templates
  2. Using scissors or a Cricut cut out the shapes, the amount you need will vary on how long you would like your garland to be. We used anywhere from 50-85 shapes on each of our garlands. 
  3. Using your sewing machine leave a 10” tail of thread and then start feeding your template through the sewing machine one by one to create your garland. 
  4. Once garland is to the desired length leave a 10” thread tail at the end, this way you have the ability to hang from each end. 
  5. Carefully hang garland or wrap it gently around a book or a cardboard square, it is very easy for these guys to get tangled!!
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all garland sets!


With all of our decorations right where we wanted them, it was time to dig in.  And one unexpected touch is a paper turkey made from a paper bag filled with popcorn.

This year, it’s safe to say, we’re grateful for color, art, and wonderful sponsors who let us create. 

And stay tuned for the November issue of HGTV Magazine where yours truly will be sharing these tips! 

This post is sponsored by Command® Brand. We love our sponsors who allow us to make awesome original content for you! 



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