DIY Paper Fortune Cookies and Printable Box

I’m crossing “neighbor gifts” off my holiday to-do list thanks to these festive fortune boxes featuring DIY holiday fortune cookies! If you’re lucky, you have a slew of neighbors that mean the world to you.  They may as well be family. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many people I love and want to gift a little something to this year. I have just the thing in collaboration with Brother’s brand new P-touch Embellish ELITE.

I know what you’re thinking: neighbor gifts, who really has time for that? You’re not wrong, I know time is a cherished commodity but that’s why I’m making it easy for you this year! 

I’m laying it out step by step and providing printables with this incredible little takeout box filled with the sweetest little paper fortune cookies that have even sweeter fortunes inside.  Okay fine, maybe some not so sweet ones too…but hey, at least one person you know this season is going to be getting coal right?! This project is so easy thanks to the P-touch Embellish ELITE Connectable Decorative Ribbon, and Tape Printer. Imagine printing straight onto ribbon and tape from the comfort of your own home. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did. 

Let me tell you a little more about how this works.  The P-touch ELITE is where technology and creativity meet. It’s easy and accessible even for those of us feeling technologically challenged. All you need to do is download the free P-touch Design&Print App or free P-touch Editor software on your computer that allows you to create your own designs! This, my friends, is what made my neighbor gifts possible and created those fortune ribbons! 

Here’s how we did it! 



Ribbon Fortunes: 

  • Download the P-touch Design & Print App to your phone or download the software to use on your computer (we used a phone)
  • Turn your P-touch ELITE on and open the app 
  • Pair your P-touch ELITE with your phone. 
  • Type in the fortune you would like to print onto the ribbon in the text box and the program will populate it onto the ribbon so you can see what it will look like before you print it! 
  • Press “Print On” in the app once your text looks right. 
  • Voila! Your fortune is ready to go! 

Fortune Cookies:

  • Print out the template for the fortune cookies. 
  • Cut them out. (They can be cut on a craft cutting device!) 
  • Gently fold your circle so the two sides meet, but do not crease in half. 
  • Place the fortune inside.
  • Gently poke the center point of the folded paper and apply pressure so the two sides start to move forward. 
  • Pull the two flaps that have started to move forward together. 
  • Once two flaps meet and the fortune cookie shape is created place a glue dot between the two flaps so the shape will hold. 

Takeout Box:

  • Print out the templates on cardstock.
  • Using scissors, cut out the templates. 
  • Follow the pattern for folding directions and score the black dotted lines. 
  • Use a small amount of hot glue and place tabs together so that the box takes form. 
  • Cut side holes for ribbon placement.
  • Place ribbon. 

It’s seriously that easy, I’m not kidding. This project is a “close your eyes and it’s basically done” project. Put on a holiday movie, gather your family, and craft the night away. Everything that should be hard is made easy by the P-touch Embellish ELITE! Be sure to show your neighbor some love this year with these gifts!

This post is sponsored by Brother. We love our sponsors who allow us to create original content for you.


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