Ideas for Valentine’s activities

I work so much that I’m not the best at creating a thriving social life. My time is dedicated to pretty much only work, family, and church, repeat. Thus, I LOVE it when I get invited to events–less to plan and more to say “YES!” to. That said, I feel like as adults, and especially adults with children especially in this area (not sure about other places!), that unless you make it happen, it probably won’t. Or maybe I’m just not getting invited to things. Ha!

While it may not be my season to plan the events, I really love the idea of creating traditions and together time so I welcome all ideas that come my way in doing so and who knows, I may even get the guts to *gulp* plan a social event some day! I thought you might also benefit from our brainstorm session so today I’m sharing some ideas to help kick off your Valentine/Galentine season for all the gals in your life and kids.

And for your wondering about this image–you’re right, I HATE to bake, but I knew that pink cupcakes would be so cute set against our lemon apron that I had to get out of my comfort zone and do it!

Things to do with your gals for Galentine’s Day

We love a good Galentine event here. Remember this from last year? And this one? And here are some additional ideas.

  • Craft Night. This is, of course, our favorite way to celebrate. May I suggest our Lipstick Valentines or heart friendship bracelets, or heart tassel boxes
  • Heat Break Bingo. Our printable Bingo set is SO fun. You can put on this playlist while you’re crafting or making Valentines or decorating cookies and then play the game at the same time. Each time a song on your sheet comes up, you can place a piece on. First one to Bingo, wins!
  • Karaoke. There’s no better place to make a fool out of yourselves than in front of your gals.
  • Spa Night. Because we all need one!
  • Decorate cookies. Get inspired by @arloscookies and then place them in one of our Conversation heart boxes!
  • Watch a rom com. Some of Team Lars’ faves are the following:
    • Brittany: You’ve Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, Pride and Prejudice
    • Emma: How To Lost a Guy in 10 Days
    • Hannah: 10 Things I Hate About You
    • Sammy: Pretty in Pink, She’s All That
    • Holly: When Harry Met Sally, About Time (not a comedy but “you’ll love it)
    • Jane: She’s the Man
  • Get take out or Door Dash
  • Hot Tub
  • Online shopping. Listen, Sammy, our content editor, actually does this with her friends. They put it up on their TV and get opinions about what they should buy. These are some of her favorite places to shop:
  • Concert.
  • Paint night. Try a paint by numbers or go to a ceramics painting shop.
  • Just Dance. This is perhaps my favorite thing to do ever. The new 2020 is awesome.
  • Play Mash for old time’s sake.

Things to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day

  • Cupcake or cookie decorating (paired with our lemon apron, of course 😉
  • Valentine’s coloring page placemat from our shop
  • Work on Valentine’s. These ones are perfect for little hands as are these!
  • Valentine Games like Bingo tic-tac-toe,
  • Make a Valentine Box. And join in on our competition!
  • Write appreciation letters to grandparents.
  • From Hannah, our studio assistant: My mom used to do a fancy dinner for us kids. She’d make a heart shaped pizza.
  • From Emma: My mom used to make us heart pancakes that were pink and left a Valentine on our plate for breakfast.
  • Sammy: My dad used to make the most amazing Valentine cards for each of us kids.
  • Sammy: My mom used to give us all a little Valentine’s present.
  • Hailey: We would also spend way too much time on valentine boxes, that was a pretty big deal

Things to do for the classroom for Valentine’s Day

  • Hailey: Our school had a Valen-gram set up every year where you could buy a candy for someone anonymously and StuCo would deliver it.  My mom was a teacher at our school and ALWAYS bought us one haha.  
  • Make a Valentine Box competition. Join us!

We’d love to hear your clever ideas. Dish! 


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