Plant Lady art print by Libby VanderPloeg

Women Who Work: Eliza Blank

In honor of National Craft Month and National Women’s month, and because we just need some bright things amidst the darkness right now, we are featuring some of our favorite creative women over the next week as inspired by our Women Who Work print by Libby VanderPloeg.

When Eliza Blank moved to NYC to work in marketing, being the daughter of the ultimate plant lover, she found a lack of resources to help urban gardeners. So in 2012 she started a direct-to-consumer business called The Sill, that makes online plant shopping easy, informative and fun.

We can certainly get behind anyone who loves plants and we can’t wait to share more with you! Keep reading to find out more about Eliza.

When did you know that plants were your jam?

I grew up amidst the greenery of rural Massachusetts. My mom is an avid gardener and houseplant guru. But, like a lot of kids, I took nature completely for granted. It wasn’t until I left my hometown for New York City – Manhattan specifically –  that nature was essential to both my emotional and physical well being. I spent most weekends my first year here in Central Park just laying on the grass in Sheep Meadow.
After my first winter here, I realized I needed to bring some of the outdoors in. At first, I really struggled to find plants that survived in low, indoor light. I also couldn’t find the plant pots that fit with my sense of style. Not to mention, no one made apartment-friendly sized bags of potting mix. It was during these early houseplant adventures that I realized how passionate I was about plants — and the seed for The Sill was sewn! (Hello, unapologetic plant pun over here!)

Being into plants is so trendy right now. Where do you see the trend going from here?

As modern Americans, we spend 90% of our lives indoor and more than 10 hours a day behind a screen. We need plants surrounding us now more than ever. They may feel trendy at the moment but I think this desire to be connected to nature is here to stay. Some believe it to be wired into our DNA, Biophilia is a theory that suggests that humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature. I believe more and more Millennials are looking for ways to incorporate greenery (back) into their lives and the same will be true of generations to come.

Was there anyone along the way who helped shape you and your work?

I truly believe everyone I meet has an impact on me in some way. I’m constantly seeking out others to learn from – to lend their ideas and inspiration. What New York might lack in nature, the City makes up for in people and energy. I’m lucky now to be part of a spirited and mission driven team here at The Sill. It’s no longer just me and the plants. I show up everyday motivated to do our best work as a team.

What’s your advice to women wanting to pursue the same thing?

If you’re ambitious and passionate there’s nothing you can’t do – I really believe that! I’m not here to say what women ought to do, but I am here to support them and tell them they can do it (whatever it is). My advice is to know what you want. Sometimes that is actually the hardest part. Invest in whatever it takes to unlock your truth – be it a mentor, a coach, a network, meditation, classes – and then go for it!

Our favorite items from Eliza’s store

This is a great time to support women-owned businesses like The Sill, and bring some new plant life into your home!

You can find Eliza here:


Plant Lady Art Print:


You can find our Plant Lady print by Libby VanderPloeg in our shop as a single print now or as the full Women Who Work print.

Or you can find all of the Women Who Work here!

If you are building be sure to hang up the Plant Lady Print in your home to remind you of just how incredible you are at your work!

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