Loungewear in every color for working from home

Loungewear in every color of the rainbow

You know I will pick dresses over anything else every day of week. But working from home has got even ME to set aside my dresses more and more in favor of some comfy loungewear!

We are no strangers to the inner battle that working from home causes on a daily basis – to be comfy or not to be comfy? Sweatshirt or a blazer? Will I feel more motivated if I get dressed today?

We too have been contemplating these questions for the last 4+ weeks and eventually settled on the official uniform of social distancing: Business on top, casual on bottom. A button-down with sweats. The happy medium attire of zoom meetings everywhere.

But after ditching our button-downs within seconds of logging off every video conference meeting, we decided it was time for a new solution. Below you will find loungewear in every color of the rainbow. Comfortable enough to wear all day, cute enough to wear to your video meetings, dressy enough to feel ready to take on the day.

Colorful Loungewear

This rainbow of comfort is sure to cure your quarantine blues. Find your hue! Or mix and match them to bring a smile to your face every day! Our top picks you should keep an eye out for are: wide-leg sweats that totally count as pants. Spring linen drawstring pants in amazing shades (if you still have enough self-control to change out of joggers every morning.) Lars approved Tie dye, so you can be totally on trend this season. And … all of it. We love it all.


Blue light glasses for working from home

Have you tried blue light glasses yet? Our team loves ours! Anyone who spends all day working from home on a screen should get a pair. I can work all day headache free with my blue light glasses. Try out one of the fun colored frames below!


Slip on shoes and sneakers to complete your loungewear look



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