DIY geometric cardboard piece tower

My favorite craft projects right have a few requirements: 1) easy 2) cheap 3) accessible and 4) keep us and kids occupied for a LONG time. We had this Bauhaus inspired mobile from our archives sitting around and thought that it would be cool to turn it into something else–a number of cuts later and we built a tower out of it! It’s like a 3D puzzle that you can assemble and reassemble over and over with strikingly different results. I love that it can act as an art piece too!

You'll Need:

  • cardboard
  • or mat board
  • scissors
  • or craft knife
  • paint

How to make a 3D geometric cardboard structure

The fun with this game/art piece is to go wild making shapes and put them together. First, we took the existing pieces from this mobile:

bauhaus inspired tablescape

Then, we added in some cardboard pieces that we painted solid colors with house paint. And then we added slits into them with scissors.

Then got to stacking them in this way or that.

To learn about how we painted the original pieces, you can read the original post here.

We’d love to see how you make your own cardboard structures. Tag us with #LarsMakes so we can see them!


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