Introducing Lynne Millar to The Lars Print Shop

Greetings! Today we are introducing a lovely new artist’s work to our Print Shop and we are so delighted by this addition.

You have been asking for more fine art prints you can hang in your home, and Lynne Millar’s stunning art is perfect for that. Keep reading to learn more about this brand new collection.

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Without further ado, we’d like to introduce Lynne Millar.

This fine art collection is perfect for your library, kitchen, sitting room, or your home office (something most of us currently have, whether we planned it or not!) I’m a huge advocate of making your space as beautiful as it can be, especially right now. Since we’re spending so much time at home, hanging some art on the walls brings a special quality you can’t find in a bland waiting room or doctor’s office (we’re trying to make you forget about going out…is it working?)

Fine Art Prints by Lynne Millar

I am very excited to be offering such high quality art in such an affordable way. That was always been the goal of our Print Shop! This collection can be ordered framed in a variety of sizes and materials. Or you can download a print yourself for just $20 to get printed and display however you like! These options make filling your home with quality, conversation-starting art can finally feel do-able.

Fine Art Prints New to Our Shop

Lynne’s paintings offer a window into beautiful landscapes that we’d love to escape to: green rolling hills, trailing pink clouds, and calm pastoral scenes. An artist from California, Lynne also enjoys painting gorgeous still lifes, a few of which we’ve shared in our print collection!

Cotswold Hills Print

Using layered brush strokes and ethereal colors, Lynne created this lovely snapshot of the Cotswold Hills. This one would be a dream in a library with a green velvet couch!

Fine Art Prints by Lynne Millar

Click here to see this print.

Gladiolas Print

One of two floral still lifes in this collection, the strokes used to create the gladiola petals almost look like wings! We think this one would dress up a bathroom or vanity nicely.

Click here to see this print.

Rose Fall Print

Gentle purples and pinks cascade against a dark background, creating much-needed contrast for your nursery, bedroom, or living room. This print would be gorgeous next to a dark wood bookshelf or above a stained sideboard!

Click here to see this print.

Stone Fruit Print

Citrus fruits are one of the best parts of winter, and you can embrace them all year long with this still life graced by nimble birds.

Click here to see this print.

Anemones Print

This one might be our favorite still life. The simple design would add sophistication and a subtle pop of color to any room. 

Fine Art Prints by Lynne Millar

Click here to see this print.

Shop Lynne Millar’s full collection in our Print Shop here! You can also find our full selection of fine art prints here.


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