Make the Midsummer floral crown

Years ago I threw a big Midsummer party that I called Midsummer Mingle.

If you didn’t click that link, I’m issuing a personal invitation to do so because it was the party of the century (don’t tell the creators of the Met Gala). I promise, you want to see pictures.

As any good Midsummer party should, we had floral crowns aplenty, and here’s a tutorial so that you can make your own.

Women in white wearing flower crowns hold hands and walk in a line in front of some pine trees.
There’s nothing more magical, earthy, and ephemeral than a floral crown and you know I’ve had my shared of tutorials (see here, here, here). For Midsummer Mingle I wanted one for every single person so I knew we would have to adapt my methods slightly. Amy from Amy Anne Floral graciously stepped in to make 150 of them and I love how they turned out. They were modified for time issues but I love the simplicity.

Make Your Own Floral Crown



Step 1: Form your wire into a circle and create a little hook system like above.
Step 2: Start with a little sprig of greenery or flowers and secure it by wrapping it with floral tape.
Step 3: Bring the next sprig and overlap it with the first and secure it with floral tape.
Step 4: Repeat until the end!

Wear your floral crown anywhere that you want to bring some whimsy. Summer isn’t over yet!



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