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Nativity Craft Along Auction: Details

It’s Friday, which means just two more days until the finale of our Nativity Craft Along: the auction!

If you missed our last blog post, it was dedicated to introducing our amazing weekly guests who helped hand-paint one of our beautiful nativity sets for the auction. If you haven’t read the post and want to learn more about each guest, check it out here.

Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for: here are all the details for the auction on Sunday, November 21st!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the auction for?

The purpose of the Nativity Craft Along charity auction is to raise funds for Nest, an amazing charitable organization that supports makers in the global hand maker economy. We feel that it’s such a worthy cause, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. To learn more about Nest, visit their website. You can also visit their instagram.

Nest and The House that Lars Built Maker’s United by Nest

In particular, we are donating to Nest’s Makers United program. With a focus on elevating BIPOC makers and delivering innovative market access solutions, Makers United ensures that the growing American makers movement is generating opportunity for all makers regardless of gender, race, economic means or ability.


Gee’s Bend Quilters

This week I was lucky to interview two of the quilters from the legendary Gee’s Bend quilting tradition. Have you seen the PBS documentary about them? Last year, Nest worked with them to get their work onto Etsy to make it more accessible to purchase their famous work. This is one such example of the efforts of Makers United. Your contributions go directly to efforts like this.


What will be auctioned off?

We will be auctioning off two nativity sets, one painted by the Lars team and one painted by our celebrity crafters (you can read more about who they are below). You are bidding on an 8 piece nativity set: 1 angel, 1 Mary, 1 Joseph, 1 baby Jesus, 1 shepherd, 3 wisemen.

celebrity nativity setLars nativity

When will the auction be held?

The auction will start this Sunday, November 21 at 9am MST, and go until Tuesday, November 23 at 9pm MST.

baby Jesus

How can I attend?

The auction will take place on instagram, so you can participate from wherever you are!

How do I participate in the auction?

The auction will take place via comments on a post on the @houselarsbuilt grid. Each nativity set will have a separate Instagram post. To bid, simply comment on the post! As a note, make sure to specify the amount you are bidding (in US dollars $).


Who painted the nativity set pieces?

celebrity guest crafters

Celebrity Crafters!

We were honored to have eight amazing guests lovingly hand-paint each piece of one nativity set. The result was jaw-dropping–can you say talent? Wow! Amanda Seyfried went first, after which Sabrina Soto, Mary Engelbreit, Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, Tracy Reese, Erin Jang, Lisa Congdon and Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney all joined us. Earlier this week, we dedicated a blog post to introducing them if you missed the weekly craft along videos. You can watch all of the videos and read more about them here!

Amanda Seyfried painted the angel

amanda seyfried painting

Elsie Larson painted Baby Jesus

Tracy Reese painted the Tall Wiseman

Tracy Reese painting

Sabrina Soto painted the shepherd

Sabrina soto painting

Mary Engelbreit painted the wiseman

Mary Engelbreit

Erin Jang painted Joseph

Erin Jang painting

Lisa Congdon painted Mary

Lisa Congdon painting

Courtney Quinn painted the last Wiseman

Courtney Quinn

baby Jesus celebrity nativity pieces

Team Lars

Who painted the second set, you might ask? The one and only team at the House that Lars Built. Brittany started each one live on IGTV with each of our guests and then the whole team pitched in to complete them. Each one takes at a lot of time so we had to have all hands on deck!

wiseman wiseman

And these soup cans painted the second set.

Andy Warhol soup can costume instructions

What if I can’t attend? Can I still donate to Nest?

Of course! You can donate here. You can also click on the donation link to learn more about Nest, your donations, and where they’re going. You can also purchase the e-book, which gives all the instructions and where to buy all the pieces from the nativity set. The e-book is in our shop.


Official rules of the auction:

Here’s a compiled list of the auction rules!

1. Each nativity set will be posted on Sunday, November 21, at 9 am MST on @houselarsbuilt.

2. If you want to bid on the nativity set, place your bid in the comments.

3. By commenting you are committing to purchase the nativity. You may comment more than once to increase your bid.

4. The auction is open worldwide. Please place bids in the comments with your price in $USD.

5. Bids will close November 23,  at 9 pm MST

6. The final bidder will be notified by Instagram message from @houselarsbuilt with instructions on where to pay.

7. All winning bids are final and must be paid in full.

@buildanest is a registered non-profit and donations to @buildanest may be tax deductible dependent on your circumstances.


Other questions

If we’ve missed something or you have other questions, please let us know in the comments. This Sunday can’t come any sooner! We’re waiting on the edge of our seats. See you then!

celebrity nativity set


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