Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is on May 8th this year, which means it’s coming right up! Have you decided what to get for the mothers in your life? It can sometimes be tricky to think of Mother’s Day gifts, so we’re here to help.

Introducing our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022! We’ve put together a long list of ideas. Hopefully there’s something for everyone and their unique interests. Scroll down to see what the options are!

Mother’s Day Gifts from Our Shop

To kick off our Mother’s Day gift guide, we had to include our Mother’s Day shop items. There are so many that your mother is sure to love. (Hint: who’s getting me some of these for Mother’s Day?) Here are some of our favorites:


First, this Mother’s Day apron pattern! We released the tutorial for this beauty just yesterday where you can read all about the reasons why a handmade apron is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. And this one is just lovely. We also have some ready-made aprons in blue and pink for those of you who aren’t feeling in the mood for sewing.


Earrings are a classic gift! What mother doesn’t like an excuse to dress up once in a while? And we have multitudes of earrings your mother is sure to adore! Some of my personal favorites are: these, these and these, but you can find the whole collection we have to offer here.

fun abstract and floral shaped earrings

Other Shop Items We Love

We also highly recommend this DIY Floral brooch–it’s SO lovely, classy and timeless, you can’t go wrong. Looking for something kids can do for their moms? Try this Mother’s Day activity pack! Does your mom love to cook? Give her some of these adorable recipe cards to keep her kitchen organized! If your mom would love something to wear, try these paper flower boutonnieres–I love the little feminine touch they add to any outfit. Going along with the floral theme, we also have a beautiful flowers coloring book which your mom is sure to love. We also have plenty of Mother’s Day cards to choose from, and even gift cards if you can’t decide on anything specific! We especially love this Scandinavian floral one.

Closeup of the embroidered floral brooch on Brittany's chambray quilted coat.

Mother’s Day Florals

Next up on our Mother’s Day gift guide are some Mother’s Day florals! I know my mom doesn’t treat herself to new things as often as she deserves, so what better time than Mother’s Day for a spring wardrobe refresh filled with florals? Here are some options:

And here are some other florals, as well as things to get a garden blooming with her own fresh flowers!

Spa Day

Another gift that your mom isn’t likely to give herself is a much-needed spa day. So give her a reason for one!

For Her Home

Think throws, pillows, rugs, etc. Help her redecorate and add some fresh items to her home decor! Oh, and don’t forget those home scents.




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