Halloween decoration spiders

I’ve been spotting Halloween decoration spiders over the last few years and it’s been top of mind since we gave our house a facelift recently. We haven’t fully divulged all the secrets to our home renovation yet so this is a major sneak peek (stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!). Is there anything more striking on a white facade than stark furry black spiders? I don’t think so! I had to try it out for myself this Halloween–here’s how we did it!

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Halloween decoration spiders on a house

Giant Halloween decoration spiders

I typically love a lovely autumnal fall display for our house (remember what we did last year?! I brought in a variety of mums in various shades as well as gorgeous pumpkins and pumpkin topiaries. I RARELY am into a creepy vibe. Anyone else? I mean, I love it for other people, but haven’t really dug into it myself.

BUT! I spotted these fuzzy oversized spiders at Michaels, one of our favorite partners, and had to do it on our newly white house. It was calling for it! To prep for this reel we made for them, we did this in August (ha!) so our neighbors have been enjoying our infestation for awhile now 😉

halloween decoration spiders on a white house

How to attach Halloween decoration spiders to a house

The trickiest part to any holiday installation is the actual how-to of getting it on the house and making sure it’s secure. We went over a variety of solutions but we ended up trying out Command strips and voila! These spiders are super light and so they stick on beautifully.

Literally, all we did was put a strip on the back and attached it to the wall. Easy squeezy.

halloween decoration spiders

Where we got our oversized fuzzy spiders for Halloween decoration

We got all of our furry spiders from Michaels since they had a big sale on them in August. I got them from here. At the time I’m publishing this, they are on major discount again so now is a good time!

Recreate the giant spider Halloween decor look here

fuzzy spider home decor for halloween

Command Strips for the win

Here’s how to attach the spiders to the house. So easy! Have you ever used them?

  1. All you do is attach two put together to the spider.
  2. Remove one side and stick the spider to the wall. Voila.

Note: I did have a spider fall down, but it’s because it fell off from the spider, not the house because the spider has a shiny fabric. We ended up gluing the spider to the command strip so it would be more secure.

halloween decor spiders how to attach

I’d love to see what you do to your house. Show me with the tag #LarsHalloween.


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