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Casetify Phone Case: Honest Review (Updated)

Casetify cases
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  • MG says

    If this was truly an honest review, you’d mention that while the cases are lovely, they just don’t last. The sides separate from the back too easily – has happened to me (only had the case 10 months), and my daughter too (she only had hers 8 months)! Despite Australian Consumer Law warranty is 2 years – Casetify won’t repair or replace their cases after 6 months. A six month warranty is really pathetic, especially given the inflated price of the case in the first place.

  • Danielle says

    Just giving some feedback, not trying to sound rude: this reads a lot like an ad that you are trying to pass off as a review. I looked and couldn’t find any disclosure statement saying that the company may make a commission from people clicking on the links or purchasing the recommended items in this article. But I am pretty certain that you do, considering that they are all rstyle links. Not to mention, while I agree that casetify phone cases are cute, this article isn’t actually listing any realistic cons that a prospective buyer may want to know. For example, the fact that many of the cases are upwards of $50 dollars. Some are $60+, which I think the average consumer would consider pricey for a phone case. Product review articles that are written similarly to this always make me second guess buying the product, especially when it’s obvious that the reviews are all overly positive. It gives off inauthentic vibes and authenticity can be really hard to earn back once you have lost it.

  • Peytuniaa says

    There are so many different options for CASETiFY cases (ex: Compostable Case, Ultra Compostable Case, Impact Case, Ultra Impact Case, MagSafe Compatible Impact Case, MagSafe Compatible Ultra Impact Case, Bounce Case, etc…) all ranging in degrees of protection (basic to extreme) and weight (light to mid). Unfortunately, all reviews included in this article failed to address any of these different cases, their individual reviews, and their comparisons, which should have been the whole point of this article.

  • Meg says

    The most useful part of this review was the photo of the compostable case after some time. It’s unusual to see anything like that in a professional review (especially with links you can use to purchase things). Anyone who’s read consumer reviews has heard horror stories of designs peeling off almost immediately, and then there’s the issue of durability of the sides. So, pictures of phones that have (or have not) held up would be more useful than simply saying it’s been fantastic. Photos can give legitimacy to any comments about how well a phone as held up. Without them? Well, the more the writers benefit from a good review the less useful it is.

  • Stefen says

    The Casetify iPhone case looked great when I first received it but the print is now chipping off. I now feel it is way over priced for its short life span and lack of quality along with a lousy warranty. I would not recommend and personally will never purchase anything from Casetify again.

  • Ann says

    I have used Otterboxes and Apple cases. Received a casetify with my grand kids photo on it less than 2 years ago. It is entirely losing its edging, clearly flaking off the picture on the back and I have no kids manhandling this grandma’s phone! Never again will I pay this much money for a case that doesn’t last two years!