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coloring + Projects / Friday, 26 May 2017

Printable coloring page

Every other Saturday morning we’ll be sending out a newsletter with a free printable coloring page and I thought I’d share the one we’re sending out tomorrow. Isn’t it adorable? It’s some fruity pomegranate goodness to get you in the mood for Memorial Day road trips or yummy downtime. 

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Photos by Anna Killian for The House that Lars Built   |  Illustration by Madison Blake 

coloring + Projects / Friday, 12 May 2017

Printable Mother’s Day coloring page

I’ve been super neglectful of our newsletter lately, but as of today we are going to start sharing 2 printable coloring pages a month exclusively for our newsletter readers. If you’re already signed up, then you’re set! If not, sign up here:

The newsletter goes out tonight at 8pmMST so be quick, quick, quick!
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coloring + DIY + holiday + printable + Projects / Monday, 21 Nov 2016

Printable Coloring Thanksgiving Placemats

Thanksgiving printable placemat coloring page from The House That Lars Built Thanksgiving is just a few days away! We’ve begun prepping for the feast and writing grocery lists, planning table settings and getting the house in order. It’s just such a cozy holiday.  The Thanksgiving meal can often take a few hours: You take your first serving, talk, catch up with friends, go back for seconds, talk some more, do a little stretching, watch a bit of football (or make your case to turn on the Hallmark Christmas movies instead…), dig into the desserts, try all the pies, etc.. Anyone relate? In the midst of the long meal, it can be nice to have a bit of a distraction! So we made some printable coloring Thanksgiving placemats for you to enjoy while you feast. These are a playful and inexpensive addition to your table setting that are great for adults and kids alike. Just think of those trips to Macaroni Grill. Common! We ALL color the paper tablecloths, no?! Coloring is the perfect activity to do while still being able to participate in all the conversations and relieve some stress at the same time.   Print them out and set them at your table with a small bundle of crayons, markers, of colored pencils. So sweet and simple! Read on →

coloring + Events + Life + Party / Friday, 21 Oct 2016

Cactus Coloring Party

Cactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars Built

Woot! Woot! On Wednesday we held our cactus coloring party to celebrate our new Cactus Coloring Book and YOU GUYS! It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. From the food to the workshops, to the workshops leaders (Alana Jones-Mann and Cassidy Tuttle), to the location, to the people in attendance. I have no words! Let me tell you all about it! Cactus Coloring Party with The House That Lars Built

“And YOU get a coloring book…and YOU get a coloring book…and YOU get a coloring book…”

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coloring + Design / Friday, 14 Oct 2016

Cactus Coloring Book

Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen

It’s out! The Lars Cactus Coloring Book is out now! After the success of the Flowers Coloring Book, we had to follow it up with something a little more prickly and succ-y 🙂 and that would be cacti and succulents, no?!

Cactus Coloring Book is 60 pages of 10 different cacti and succulents that include scientific charts, patterns, and symmetrical patterns (I call them folk symmetricals). I’ve found them to be great learning resources as well as a true meditative form of relaxation. If you think this coloring book for adults trend is hogwash you probably haven’t done it. It seriously clears your mind and allows you to escape into another world. And ours is good because there’s something for every skill level. Large close-ups of the plants where you can do larger coloring (for little ones) and smaller more detailed patterns for those with more skills. That said, I find that a mix of skill sets is great depending on what type of mood you are in. Sometimes you just don’t want to worry about being precise and sometimes it’s fun, you know?!
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