Flowers Coloring Book

Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built

Let’s end the week on an extremely exciting announcement. I’ve been wanting to dish about it for ages but also wanted to keep it a fun holiday surprise so . . . SURPRISE! We made a coloring book! It’s called Flowers Coloring Book: Botanical patterns and charts for beautiful color play and I am so so stoked about it. It’s everything I wanted in a coloring book because, as you’ve probably heard by now, coloring books for adults are a thing! Did you know?! People use them for relaxation, meditation, and creativity…and this holiday season I’ve been needing A LOT of the first two.

I wanted a coloring book that I would want to color in myself and so after months and months of preparation, this is it! If you love flowers, you’re in for a treat! It’s 60 pages of 10 different botanicals: poppy, lilac, magnolia, peony, tulip, sweet pea, rose, sunflower, protea, daisy and each one has a scientific chart, a bouquet, two patterns, a close up, and a Scandinavian inspired symmetry layout (like a rorschach test). Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built

See below for more details!

Flowers Coloring Book by The House That Lars Built

Ashley and I sat down to color these coloring pages and immediately, all the massive amounts of knots in my stomach that I’ve been carrying due to the holidaze was forgotten. I’m not saying this book will change your stress levels. . . well, maybe I am! It’s worth a shot anyhow!
flowers-coloring-book-brittany-jepsenFLOWERS front cover white final outlined.indd

I thought they’d make great gifts for the holidays along with some colored pencils or markers, or crayons for the little ones. I intentionally designed it so that there are some pages that are more intricate than others so that it would be fun for parents and children to do together.

A HUGE shout out goes to Jenean Morrison, who I like to call the Coloring Book Queen. She was so generous in guiding me to do it and being patient with all my lame questions. Thank you Jenean! I’m so appreciative. Jenean has some fabulous books out herself (including this rad coloring calendar!).

And a HUGE thank you to my sister, Caitlin, who helped out so so so much on this project. It took a number of months to do and I’m so grateful to have her help. And a thank you to her husband, Tanner. These two are some of the most talented on the planet.

Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on it! If you buy it on Amazon, do leave a review! Or a comment here.

And join in with the community by taking pics of your work and tagging it with #ColoringWithLars. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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