Printable Custom Name Tags

At your next dinner party, make your guests feel welcome with these printable custom name tags! Whether it’s a Halloween gathering or any other fun celebration, these custom name tags are perfect for any event, and they’re super easy to print out!

Read below for details and more holiday inspiration!

We revealed our Halloween Tortured Artist dinner party, but we still have a couple of details to add to complete the party so you can easily recreate it. A proper dinner party needs to place their artists strategically. I mean, how awful would it be to place Van Gogh next to Gauguin? I know, horrible. Danielle Kroll came up with a gorgeous design for these printable name tags that you can use at your next event. You can download the free printables here!
Free printable name tags for your Halloween dinner party place settings
Free printable name tags for your Halloween dinner party place settings
We placed our name tags on skeleton hands that we found out Michael’s just to add a tinge more creepiness. For more printables to complete your dinner party, download the menu card and invitation. You can also check out more Halloween party ideas like this skull cake and this ghost tablecloth to complete your dinner party.
See more ideas from our Halloween Tortured Artist party here. And be sure to browse more printables in the Lars Halloween shop!

Use these free printable name tags at any gathering

Although we used them for our Halloween party, these printable name tags are pretty enough for any kind of celebration! We love to throw parties here at Lars (can you tell?!), and these illustrations will fit in with any decor. Place these name tags on guests’ plates alongside these printable napkin rings (with crowns to match!) and a floral garland table runner for a fun, colorful birthday party, baby shower, or wedding celebration!
Props by Mary Lee
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen


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