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Design + DIY + halloween + Party + printable + Projects / Thursday, 23 Oct 2014

Printable custom name tags

Free printable name tags for your Halloween dinner party place settings
Yesterday we revealed our Halloween Tortured Artist dinner party but we still have a couple of details to add to complete the party so you can easily recreate it. A proper dinner party needs to place their artists strategically. I mean, how awful would it be to place Van Gogh next to Gauguin? I know, horrible. Danielle Kroll came up with a gorgeous design that you can print off to use at your next event. 
Free printable name tags for your Halloween dinner party place settings
Free printable name tags for your Halloween dinner party place settings
We placed our name tags on skeleton hands that we found out Michael’s just to add a tinge more creepiness. 
Download the free printable name tags here.

And click here to download the free menu card and invitation.
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen

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Costumes + DIY + halloween + Party + Projects / Friday, 10 Oct 2014

Mona Lisa Halloween costume

DIY Mona Lisa Halloween costume
You don’t have to go to the Louvre to check out the Mona Lisa. Be her for Halloween! It’s super easy! This one’s great for a last minute idea or one that you don’t have to spend too much time on. Plus, all it requires is a simple (mysterious) smile. Muhahaha.
DIY Mona Lisa Halloween costume
DIY Mona Lisa Halloween costume

Photography by Alpha Smoot
Make-up by Rubie Huber
Hair by Aubrey Nelson
Model ME Hammond
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen

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See full tutorial below.

You will need:


1. Glue poster of Mona Lisa to poster board.
2. Cut out the face of Mona Lisa with your craft knife. Make sure it’s a good size hole to fit your face.
3. Frame it with your pretty frame.
4. Practice your Mona Lisa smile!


That enigmatic face of all enigmatic faces! 
Ok, make up confession, my one regret here is not glueing down and covering her eyebrows better, but darn it all I forgot my Elmer’s glue stick in my make up diddy bag. If you want to take this one step further, cover the eyebrows like shown here. If you wanna go my route, just use eyebrow gel and white concealer.  
What happened to the real mona’s eyebrows?  Its a mystery.
After you get the eyebrow situation covered, cover the entire face in a creamy, full coverage foundation.  I like Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. I went one shade darker than her normal skin since Mona has a dark bronzed/antique look.  Wipe the same foundation over your lips.  
For the eyes you’ve really got to look at the picture to shade them with a brown shadow.  She’s got interesting shading that’s difficult to mimic, but looking at the picture will help you a lot.  Use a tiny dab of the same brown shadow on the corners of her mouth and under her cheek bones.  Steer clear of the mascara and eyeliner, but instead use your brown eyeliner to draw that curved line across the top of the forehead, just below the hairline.  
All you have left to do is practice your mysterious smile.  

DIY + Food + halloween + Party / Thursday, 9 Oct 2014

Vanilla bean skull cake for Halloween

This. Is. Edible! It’s a skull, but it’s a cake. It’s a skull cake! I love the vanitas still life it created for our Halloween party so it acts as decor AND deliciousness. And let me tell you, this recipe is delicious! 
Also, I had to do it:

And here’s a teaser for our dinner table for the party. There are a number of decoration ideas and recipes. You might die (muhahah! pun shamelessly intended) with all the delicious gorgeousness.

Photography by Alpha Smoot
Floral styling by Sarah Winward
Props from Mary Lee
Cake by ME Hammond
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen

See recipe and instructions below

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Vanilla bean skull cake


We used this skull mold from Wilton (and it’s super cheap if you use this link on Amazon)

3 3/4 c. all purpose flour
1 3/4 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1/2 c. butter
1 3/4 c. sugar
3 eggs
2 T vanilla
2 vanilla beans
1 1/2 c. whole milk
For glaze:
3 1/2 c. powdered sugar
1/2 c. milk
1 t. vanilla
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Prepare the skull cake pan by thoroughly spraying the pan with non stick spray and lightly flouring
3. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
4. Slowly add eggs, vanilla extract, and vanilla beans
5. Combine dry ingredients in small mixing bowl
6. Add dry ingredients and milk alternating approximately 1/3 at time beginning and ending with dry ingredients
7. Once the batter is mixed place it in the prepared skull cake pan
8. Bake for about 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean
9. Allow cakes to cool for about 30 minutes until the cake it only slightly warm
10. Unmold the cakes from the skull pan
11. Allow cake to completely cool, cut the tops of the cakes to be even and place the cakes back to back to create the 3D skull
12. Glaze cake and allow glaze to harden before serving
14. Viola! You have a scary skull cake!

Costumes + DIY + halloween + Party + Projects / Monday, 6 Oct 2014

Picasso’s Old Guitarist

Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
When you think of Picasso what style do you think of? He was so prolific and touched on nearly every style that it’s hard to nail one down, but I tend to think of his blue period, because it was so uniquely his. It lasted only three years, 1901-04, but it so melancholically gorgeous with subjects painted in moody blues and greens. 
We thought his Old Guitarist would be the perfect costume for our Tortured Artist Halloween party as the character both creepy and recognizable. Plus, the costume is SUPER easy and cheap! The trick is in the body painting and luckily, we had Rubie Huber, who does make up for films and commercials, come and show us how it’s done. 
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume with make-up tutorial
Picasso's Old Guitarist Halloween costume recipe with make-up tutorial
Art directed by Brittany Jepsen

See below for full instructions.


Materials: blue dress, guitar with strap, blue and white hair chalk

  • We bought a blue cotton maxi dress with long sleeves from the thrift store. 
  • Distress the dress by cutting holes unto the shoulder, cutting off the neckline, and using a grater to rough the edges.
  • Paint your nails blue with Chinchilly Essie nail polish.
  • Victoria has dark hair so Aubrey dyed it blonde first then colored it with blue and white hair chalk before tucking it into a low bun.
  • Carry around a guitar (and make sure it has a strap so it doesn’t get int your way all night!).


I had so much fun with this one it’s ridiculous.  Take a few minutes channeling your inner Picasso and get ready to paint freely without self doubt or criticism, this look is all about the artist in you!  

I used Mehron FX liquid cream face paint in blue (get it here), white and black (get it here) for this whole thing.  Grab a cookie sheet or something easily washable to create a painters palette for yourself.  

Mix the colors around and get some lighter and darker versions of the mix. For the face you can apply a base blue/grey coat with a sponge, which is softer than a brush, but I would use a brush for all the rest so you get the stroke effect. Use any large soft paintbrush (grab a cheap one from Michael’s)! 

Take a look at your body and think about where you curve our and where you dip in.  Check out how light hits you and then just go at it with the paint!  Blend lighter colors where you feel like light hits more (cheek bones, collar bones, shins, tops of knees, tops of feet, the bulge on your ankle.  Paint darker blues on all the hollows or on the edges of the rounds (in dips in the neck, under the jaw, between bones, around calves).  

The Skeletal feel really comes out in the hands and feet.  Start by painting dark blue in between the fingers and extending those lines on the palm of your hand, you can just push firmly into the hand to feel where the hollows should be.  Next, paint a rough line of white on top of the fingers, adding splotches to the knuckles.  Extend this onto the palm as well. Repeat the same process on the feet.  

Once you’ve painted everything, step back and look in a mirror.  If you see any spot that looks too uniform or boring, blend in a different color, add more blue or white or grey than you had before and pile it onto your brush, swiping some thick strokes haphazardly. This will give you that painted look that is so beautiful.

It should not look perfect!  Keep it wild and fun and just get those creative juices flowing.  You’ll love the end result and so will everyone else!