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DIY Beaded Chandelier

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  • Kimberlee Lorenz says

    I soooo love your blog! This is literally “THE BEST AND MOST DETAILED TUTORIAL” I have ever seen! Gorgeous photos, detailed instructions, and good links! I’ll be following you for sure! Thank you for sharing!

  • Tiffany says

    Hi! Did you buy from the bead site that you linked to? (Doreen beads)? How was your experience?

    Also, amazing tutorial! I’m extremely into DIY and can’t imagine paying $500-$800 for a chandelier that I can make!

  • Elizabeth Nudo says

    Hello! GREAT instructional – thank you for putting it together. I am going to go for it and tackle this but I am struggling to find this quantity of beads under $500.00. Any suggestions?

    • Brittany says

      We purchased all of ours online from China and they were pretty cheap, but shipping does cost a bit!

      • Deirdre Semeyn says

        I just purchased your ebook, I’m so excited to get started! can you please share the website you used?

  • D says

    I’m tackling this beautiful monstrosity with a few customizations and I can’t wait for the finished product! Just one quick question. How did you remove the embroidery tightening device on the hoops in step 2? Help please – trying not to break my hoops. Thanks!

  • Victoria Scales says

    How heavy is this? I’m looking to make a flush mount version using a ceiling medallion and a pendant light source.

  • Mikaela says

    Hi, are you able to tell me the length from the top of the hoops to the bottom of the beads once assembled? Just want to check if i should get the same amount of beads or less. Thank you!

  • Kasey says

    My mom and I are tackling this project and I’m excited for some mother/daughter DYI bonding time! We could use some advice on the natural twine. 1) did you develop a trick for stringing the smaller beads with the smaller holes? 2) did you have an estimate on how much twine you used?
    PS – did the natural twine hold up the weight without stretching? Or would you use something else if you had it to do over? Thanks!

  • Nikki says

    Hi there, this is really fabulous. Just a question, How would one connect a light fitting in the centre or is this just ornamental? Many thanks

  • Liz says

    Where can you purchase a lighting kit for this type of project? Any specific kind of kit that you may recommend ? I don’t know anything about lighting, but I was hoping to use your tutorial to create a lighting piece for my sons nursery! I am so in love with your finished product.

  • Jenny C says

    Can you put the links to the online vendor’s please. It’s very time consuming trying to find them.

  • Lesli says

    Love this tutorial thank you! I am really excited to make this. So I can tell if it fits my space, do you have finished dimensions (full height, height of beaded area and width) please? 🙂

  • Anna McGregor says

    Hi, just came across this and love it! I was wondering if you had an idea of how heavy the finished chandelier is? I’d love to make it but I’m not sure the ceilings in my old flat would support it!

  • Sian says

    Can I please ask how heavy this is once assembled? I am wanting to make this up as a light and I want to make sure the fittings I get are going to be suitable. Thanks 🙂

  • Jackie Gutierrez says

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge in such great detail. This is by far the most gratifying project I have ever done! (You made it so easy!!)
    The chandelier looks absolutely perfect above the stairs (which can also be seen from the window outside) of my new beach house.
    I used brass rods and brass chain. 😉

  • Rachel says

    Where did you get the large quilting hoops from? All the ones I can find have two large blocks of wood where the closer is. I’m worried that I won’t be able to remove them without damaging the hoop!

  • Andi B says

    Beautiful job! What is the height of this chandelier? If you could also include the height of the hanging chain separately, that would be great! Thank you!

  • Kelly Smith says

    Hello! I am so excited about this project but stuck in the closing the hoops instructions.

    On one hand, materials indicate 2 closed hoops and one open. Then we tie the strings of beads to one of the closed hoops. But this contradicts the schema since it shows the strings being attached to an open hoop and that we actually need two open hoops that snuggle into one closed hoop. There is additional confusion with the embroidery set. Mine sits on the open hoop. and I basically need to remove it from both open hoops in order to fit them one into the other but the instructions mention to just remove one of them. Could you please clarify ? Where do I need to place the strings of swags, open or closed hoops ?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Amanda R says

    This had to cost over 500 dollars! I am looking at Amazon beads and there is no way this is a cheap project.

    • Hyedi says

      Not true! I got my beads for $125! Yes I sure did! I dug through the internet and found the cheapest site. Sells in bulk. If I can find my packing slip I’d show ya. I bought the hoops at hobby lobby and used a 40% off coupon, plus I got the string too, at Hobby lobby. The light pendant I already had , purchased it from World Market. So I’d say my total is around $150 for that gorgeous beaded chandelier!

  • Brittany says

    We linked to where we bough our beads in the materials list. Total it was less than $200. The chandelier we were inspired by is over $800.

  • Angela says

    I’m in love with this project — can’t wait to get started on it. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing, detailed instructions!!

  • Alyssa says

    Hi! This is amazing! Question on the quilting hoops since I’ve never worked on a project with those. The ones you linked to on Amazon have those little knobs with the metal screw/adjuster. Did you just brake those off? Thanks!

  • Eleusa Garcoa Pagotto Fioravanti says

    Vi seu trabalho e fiquei encantada, moro em Itu, SP. Brasil e gostaria de saber se você tem o endereço onde comprar esse material, ai no seu país, para eu pedir pela internet.


  • Lacey says

    Love this thank you for sharing. Currently in the process of making. Any tips/tricks to keep the twine from fraying? Maybe I’m using something too think but thought it’s the same as what you linked. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Alexandra Rolon says

    This absolutely stunning. I pinned this a little while back, I ordered materials and now the tutorial is gone 🙁

  • Georgina says

    Hi there, I’m in the UK. I’ve managed to source the beads at a decent price but the quilting hoops are a bit more. Wondering where you got yours and whether it would be cheaper to import. I can’t see any links to sources in the tutorial I downloaded. Cheers, Georgina

  • Lennea says

    What are the dimensions of the finished product? I would like to make one for a smaller space and fear this will be way too big.

  • Audrey Smiddy says

    Just a heads-up, the tutorial is pretty good (I bought it), but it does not include instructions on how to make this with lights in it. We wanted a light up chandelier and I didn’t realize that wasn’t included in the tutorial.

  • Melissa says

    I purchased the tutorial, but am having trouble finding the links to where you bought your items. I am having trouble finding the beads/supplies for under $400… Thanks!

  • Sharon Denney Lobel says

    Perhaps this is listed somewhere but I didn’t see — what are the dimensions of the completed chandelier?

  • Katie says

    Hi! I’m sorry if you’ve listed this somewhere and I missed it… do you know the approximate height of the finished product? I’m going to try to put this over an old existing light fixture and want to make sure it covers it! Thank you!

  • Mimi says

    I purchased the tutorial, but I want to scale this down to about half the suggested size for a gift for my niece. Every time I try to think about how to do that, my brain fries, lol. Obviously, I need to buy smaller hoops and …maybe halve (?) the number of strands. But how about the beads themselves–how would you suggest scaling that down? Just lopping some of the smaller ones off at the end? Or maybe the opposite? Removing the largest?

  • HB says

    So excited I found this – couldn’t bring myself to shell out the $$$ for one of these!

    What I am looking for today though is a DIY on the Willow Wall Art at PB – it’s gorgeous and there has got to be a DIY on it. If you haven’t done one please consider :-)! Your stuff is great.

  • Dan Noah says

    Save hundreds of dollars by making a DIY beaded chandelier from an old light fixture and lampshade. It’s time to step up your DIY game—in a big way. We created a simple DIY wood bead chandelier that you can make.

  • Hannah says

    I just found/purchased this tutorial and cannot wait to get started… my only question is, and I’m sorry if I missed it somewhere, what are the actual dimensions (length) of the fixture?

  • Laura says

    Is there any way of finding out the bead quantities before purchasing the tutorial, so I can figure out how costly it would be in my location?

  • Rosemary says

    I bought the. Chandelier from pottery barn about six years ago and have a problem with the beads that have a ivory finish but are randomly turning white even though the fixture is not in the sun
    Don’t know what to use to paint over the faded white beads or just leave it
    Would appreciate any input!!!!

  • Lisa says

    Please, I’ve downloaded your E-file, I’m getting really frustrated!!! I can not find these embroidery hoops and you don’t say in the E-file. This is my second email to you. Could you please let me know where to find them! [email protected]