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My Bathroom Remodel Reveal

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Interior shot of a green bathroom vanity with wicker baskets under it, a green rug, flowers in vases on top, and a mirror hanging above it. There's red floral wallpaper and blue painted trim. Interior shot of a bathroom. There's red floral wallpaper and framed art prints on the walls, blue textured wainscoting and trim, wooden floors, yellow window treatments, and eclectic styling.
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  • Molly says

    I love the tall, geometric piece of furniture next to the bench and window! I’d love the details if you’re up to share 🙂

  • Lee says

    Love the wallpaper! I am thinking about wallpapering my bathroom but I’m a little scared because of the condensation in the bathroom. How did you deal with that? Or is the shower more separated from this bathroom? Any tips on helping it last in the bathroom?

  • Catherine Donaldson says

    Wow! This is so beautiful- Im finding so much inspiration here 🙂 I’m not sure if I missed it, but can you please share the wallpaper information?
    Thank you,

  • Melanie Howe says

    Hi, I would love to know more about the panelling, was it strips of panelling in those shapes or was it individual shapes all attached separately?
    Thank you

  • Aubree says

    I’m obsessed with the wallpaper you used in this bathroom. And the bathroom generally. And your work overall, let’s be honest. Would you be willing to share where you got that wallpaper?! Pretty please?

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    My Bathroom Remodel Reveal