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Our new hardwood flooring and how to care for it

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  • Amanda says

    It looks absolutely beautiful.

    I did notice that CLJ’s Stuga flooring discolored from sunlight (big line where they moved a rug), but they have a huge window with no covering. I hope that yours patinas more evenly.

    • Brittany says

      oh interesting! Yes, that was part of their language when they tell you about the flooring–it does lighten with sun and time so that’s on our radar!

  • Kristine LeRoss says

    That delivery 😱!!! How many square feet was that??
    I’m worried because I’m going to order this week. I’m in a cul de sac but the driveway is a bit steep so it’ll have to be delivered on the street and pulled/pushed up!? How does this even work?

    • Brittany says

      it honestly depends on the size of the truck delivering the stuff. Ours was sent in a ginormous truck. When they call to schedule, I’d recommend telling them about your situation so that they can send the right size truck!

  • Laura says

    We are looking at this flooring for our home. It’s beautiful! It looks like it’s relatively knot-free? More so than Lucia, which we are also looking at.

    Did you have any issues with strong odors or off-gassing? We are looking for a product that works well with chemical sensitivities.