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Before and afters of our home renovation

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  • Joanne Martin says

    I really enjoyed the episode and I’m soooo relieved you aren’t happy with the kitchen counter and backsplash combo 🤣🤣🤣 that’s the only thing that threw me off. So many wonderful ideas and companys to look into.. hats off to Pat sounds like she saved the day!!!

  • Penni says

    Your home looks like every little kid’s dream playhouse; colorful, practical yet beautiful, purposefully crafted, and a place where happiness is literally around each corner! I would love to live in such a space!

  • Mariele says

    I am absolutely blown away by the detail in your home! The stairs! The fridge! The napping niche! It’s all just so fun and inspiring. It’s not my personal taste (pastel mid-mod lover), but I can’t imagine not being happy in a place as artistic as this. Awesome job!

  • kitchen renovations says

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