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A fridge made to look like a cabinet

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  • Eric Bureau says

    Modern fridges uses the outer skin as condenser, by covering up the outside you greatly reduced the ability of the fridge to discard heat making the compressor work much harder…
    An earlier style refrigerator with rear mount condenser would of been a much better choice.
    That being said, the final product looks great.

    • Hillary Larson says

      But it’s a panel-ready fridge and just made their own panels…and they followed the manual instructions for clearance…I don’t see what the problem would be. Did you actually read the post or see the picture of what the fridge looked like?

    • Terry says

      We did something very similar with our SZ fridge, except that we’re still awaiting the door panels. If one cannot make a fridge blend with the cabinetry (or look like a free-standing cabinet), what’s the point of a “panel-ready” refrigerator? The technician who visited our home said nothing about what you describe; I wonder if this depends on the brand – ?

  • Lauren says

    So lovely! Would you mind sharing the paint color? Would love to do the same thing with a hall cabinet closet!