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If you didn’t catch it, we were recently featured on the home renovation show In With The Old, on Magnolia Network. On the show, we highlighted several different areas of the house and the renovations we undertook in each area. A major area of the house we decided to showcase were the kitchens, both on the main floor, as well as the studio kitchen in the basement. We knew the hardware we chose would contribute significantly to the feel of both kitchens, so we went on a hunt to find the ideal choice for our needs. Here’s all you need to know about the best hardware for kitchens based on our experience.

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Best Hardware for Kitchens

Merging Old and New

When thinking about our kitchen renovation for the show, I knew I wanted something that felt old world, but also refreshing and revitalized. Prior to all the renovations for the show, we used Signature Hardware for our primary bathroom renovation with that gorgeous dark green vanity, as well as all the hardware. Based on my previous experience with them, I was thrilled when they wanted to partner again. Their products are beautifully designed AND well made–such an incredible combination. They do a great job of using traditional hardware that also feels fresh and modern–exactly what I was looking for.

Letting the Details Shine

Because our kitchen cabinets are an off-white and left a blank canvas, I knew I wanted the details to shine. One of the main, eye-catching elements of the kitchen was a beautiful stove. It set the stage for the vibe of the rest of the kitchen. The stove had some amazing brass details and I wanted the rest of the kitchen to have more of those details sprinkled around. Signature Hardware was the perfect choice for that end goal, one of the reasons I consider their products some of the best hardware for kitchens out there.

Best Kitchen Sink, Faucet and Accessories

One major area of the kitchen in which we used Signature Hardware’s hardware for kitchens was the sink area. Signature hardware has a really great bridge faucet shape that’s both elegant and timeless. And the polished brass finish carried a lovely balance with the ILVE stove.

signature hardware best hardware

The fireclay farmhouse sink itself was another major win. It was large, lovely and paired perfectly with the shape of the faucet and granite countertops. I knew I wanted to go with a farmhouse sink because of the vibe I was going for with the kitchen and they had a number of gorgeous options. I didn’t mean to match the cabinets in that Biscuit color, but it just worked out perfectly! I also loved that I could order customization options along with the sink, like a compatible strainer drain and sink grid.

Refrigerator Hardware

One thing I love about Signature Hardware is their great selection of hardware for big appliances. We chose these oversized brass appliance pulls in 18”.

As a note to those with children, Pat did some research on the safest pulls for children. Did you know that some pulls are less safe than others? In case you were wondering, the option we chose (linked above) is the safest for children because it can’t get caught on clothing or hands or what not, which was a requisite for us with two young, wild boys. In my book, that makes Signature Hardware some of the best hardware for kitchens with children!

For the bottom of the refrigerator we made the one large drawer look like two faux drawers, which is why we put two pulls there. I have to say, I’m pleased with how well they’re holding up! Plus, they really capture the old world well. As for the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen, we ended up waiting to put the hardware on them just yet because Felix is still in a toddler stage and we don’t want him opening up cabinets.

Hardware for Studio Kitchen

Our studio kitchenette in the basement was a different challenge entirely. It ended up not being a part of the show, but I’m going to share about it still! And I’ll be talking about it more in an upcoming post. Its inspiration was traditional Parisian bistro meets layered frosted cake with icing. Ultimately I wanted it to feel like a whimsical refuge for the team. Because it’s a little kitchenette, it didn’t have all the functions of a normal kitchen, but I still wanted it to feel complete in its simple charm. We incorporated two elements to that end: a timeless, undermount sink and gooseneck faucet. Unfortunately, the original faucet we used is no longer available, but this one is similar.


The sink, though it’s smaller than its larger, upstairs kitchen counterpart, was a wonderfully practical size and beautiful design, perfect for our studio’s needs. The beautiful Signature Hardware polished brass gooseneck faucet’s long, elegant neck went so well with brass shelf supports. Overall the faucet added the perfect amount of elegance and whimsy to the studio kitchenette, which is exactly what I envisioned.

colorful tile

The Takeaway: Best Hardware for Kitchens

We had a lot of remodels to do in a limited amount of time. Signature Hardware was not only efficient and timely as far as getting products to us in time, but we were blown away by the quality and design elements of the hardware options they had. Our main takeaway is this: if you’re going for an elegant, stately, traditional well-designed hardware, Signature Hardware has some of the best hardware for kitchens.

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